HealthCraft SuperPole FRS Receptacle Only

Manufacturer: HealthCraft

Floor Receptacle System
  • Floor receptacle system is the strongest made
  • Created for facilities with concrete floors
  • Comfortable foam hand grip
  • Pole can be installed or removed in seconds
  • FRS Receptacle only - the pole can be purchased separately

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This FRS RECEPTACLE ONLY is for use with the SuperPole floor receptacle system. The SuperPole F.R.S. is an assist pole for care facilities It is a portable, floor socket mounted pole for standing and transferring support in institutional (concrete floor) applications.


Central to the system is a stylish floor mounted grab bar, which provides a secure structure that can be installed and removed in seconds.

Effective Support - A portable pole for standing and transferring support for use in institutional (concrete floor) applications. A compact alternative to HealthCraft's SuperPole floor to ceiling pole system without the need for ceiling attachment.

Versatile - Excellent for institutional use where client needs change frequently - installs and removes in under a minute.

Easy Installation - Install the in-floor receptacles at each location where transfer support is required such as bathroom and bed-side applications.

Effective - The SuperPole FRS is placed into the installed floor receptacle and secured into the receptacle by turning the knob on top of the SuperPole FRS pole.

Floor receptacle installs flush with the finished floor surface. When not in use, the floor receptacle is sealed with a liquid-tight flush mount cap. The cap is removed by engaging two pins on the bottom of the pole into two holes in the cap, permitting the cap to be removed by turning it with the pole.

The loose cap will not be lost while the pole is in the receptacle, as it has a storage location in the top knob of the pole, covered with a decorative rubber grip.

Floor Receptacle: 3.9375/10cm high x 1.875/4.8cm diameter (fits into 2/5cm cored hole).

Pole Material: 57/145cm total length, 53.25/135cm above floor, 1.5/3.81cm dimeter. Heavy gauge steel, high temperature baked powder coat gloss white enamel.

Grip Material: Grey, premium high quality grip, 20/51cm long. Does not contain natural dried rubber or latex. Washable.

Weight Capacity: 350lbs/159kg.

Note: The SuperPole FRS should only be installed in concrete slab type floors of structurally sound design. We recommend that you have your SuperPole FRS installed by a qualified contractor who should pay attention to location of any in-floor structures or conduits. The locking pins on the bottom of the SuperPole FRS should be inspected regularly for damage. The floor receptacles should be inspected regularly Maximum suggested user weight of 350lbs/113kg.

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