Gripless Fiberglass Cane for the Blind with Glide Tip- 39-inch

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Walk Around With Confidence
  • Rigid, lightweight fiberglass shaft
  • 11-inch elastic loop wrist strap
  • Metal glide tip
  • Available 37 to 65 lengths
  • Replacement tips available

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This Gripless Fiberglass Cane for the Blind with Glide Tip features a lightweight yet sturdy rigid (non-folding) shaft. Gripless with an 11-inch long black elastic loop wrist strap. Long-lasting, easy to use metal glide tip. Replacement tips available. Color: Off-White. Approximate weight 8 oz. (varies depending on length of cane.) Available in 2-inch increments in lengths from 37 to 65.

Material Fiberglass
Length 39
Handle or Grip Gripless
Tip Glide
Category Mobility

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