Graphite Telescopic Cane-Red-Metal Glide Tip- 59in

Manufacturer: Ambutech

Retract for storage; extend for secure navigation
  • Strong, yet lightweight graphite shaft
  • Adjustable from 31 inches to 59 inches
  • Durable metal glide tip
  • 8mm threaded tip for easy replacement

SKU: TG5070R-59
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The Graphite Telescopic Cane with Metal Glide Tip from Ambutech features a strong, yet lightweight graphite shaft that is adjustable to any length over the full extended range (from 31 in. to 59 in.) and easily locks with a quick turn of the shaft. The upper half of the cane shaft is red; the lower half is white.

The comfortable to hold rubberized golf grip has a flat side that encourages proper grasp of the mobility cane plus a wrist loop.

The hard-wearing metal-capped glide tip offers improved sensitivity and a livelier feel compared with traditional nylon tips.

The tip attaches to the cane shaft via an 8mm thread. It's easy to replace/change— simply screw it into the cane shaft. This cane is compatible with a full range of Ambutech tips with 8mm thread.

Measurements (Long Model): 31 inches (extends to 59 inches)
Weight: 5.8 oz.
Handle or Grip Golf Grip
Material Graphite
Tip Glide
Category Mobility
Length 59

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