GE Voice 2-Way Communication

Manufacturer: GE

Voice activated, hands-free 2-way communicator

SKU: 31*5*5969
Length: 4.75 in
Width: 1.00 in
Height: 2.50 in
Our Price: $29.95
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This GE Voice 2-Way Communicaton is voice activated; ideal for hiking, biking, camping, skiing and other outdoor activities which require you to be hands-free. Easily attaches to a belt or fits into your pocket.

--FM transmission and reception for clear communication
--Voice activation allows user to communicate hands-free
--Adjustable voice activation setting
--Manual override push-to-talk control
--Adjustable microphone
--Helmet adaptable headset
--Rugged tactile rubber controls
--Built-in squelch
--Low battery indicator
--Operates on a standard 9V battery (not included)
--30 day limited warranty
--Communicator measures aprox. 2.5 H x 4.75 L x 1 W in.