Fun in the Water- A Raised Line Tactile Coloring Book

Manufacturer: Tactile Vision Graphics

Perfect for both blind and sighted children
  • Give the gift of inclusion with our raised line tactile coloring book, Fun in the Water— great for both blind and sighted children
  • Helps develop spatial concepts and open up the world of pictures, drawing, and art to blind children
  • Every child loves to color— blind and sighted children alike will enjoy sharing its magic together
  • Tactile coloring books boost confidence— they're fun to touch and are a great talking point with other children
  • Dimensions: 8.5 in. x 11 in. x 0.5 in.

SKU: 406168
Length: 8.50 in
Width: 11.00 in
Height: 0.50 in
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Fun in the Water- A Raised Line Tactile Coloring Book is a terrific gift for both blind and sighted children.

The cover shows a bucket of water and a faucet. Going Fishing shows a boy in a hat, fishing off the end of a pier and it looks like he's caught a fish. The next page shows the fish. Watering the Flowers shows a girl with her hair in a ponytail watering some potted plants with a watering can. Next is someone playing in the sprinkler. A Day at the Beach shows a child with a pail of sand in one hand and a shovel upside-down in the other. Next is a picture of a dolphin, then a sailboat. It's Raining features summer rain in all its glory and someone standing in it wearing rubber boots holding an open umbrella. The Waterpark shows a seal with a ball on its nose. A Waterfall is just that, and a fitting way to end the book: a mighty waterfall pouring over rocks.

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