Freestyle FX Trainer Vibrating 100-Lap Digital Sports Watch - Yellow

Manufacturer: Freestyle USA

The Sports Watch That Keeps Up With Your Lifestyle
  • Unisex never looked this sultry and hunky - or performed so magnificently
  • Water-Resistant to 330 feet (100 meters) plus Hydro Pushers - watch buttons can be pushed while submerged in water
  • 100 Hour Chronograph with Lap and Split Times; 100 Lap Memory; 5 Interval Timers; and Night Vision Backlight
  • Dual Time with Date; Military Time; Programmable Alarms (Day, Week, Month); and Vibration Alerts
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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The Freestyle FX Trainer Vibrating 100-Lap Digital Sports Watch is designed with durability, comfort, and functionality in mind. It's equally at home on your wrist whether you're resting on a lounge chair during a hard-earned vacation; inside wiping your brow as sweat drips down your back in spinning class; out riding muscular waves as they flex, trying to toss you off your surfboard; slicing the blue-green ocean with precise strokes as you swim towards shore; jogging through a favorite sylvan park as you listen to your tunes, wearing your coolest shades; or squeezing out that last rep as you pump iron. Wearing the FX Trainer Watch is like a promise to yourself that you will keep moving and stay active.

Just buckling the FX Trainer's ventilated, silicone, sports strap prepares you to do your personal best. This watch is all about performance. The 100-lap memory FX Trainer welcomes any and all workout challenges. Featuring a dated training log, five interval timers, and optional vibration alerts that allow for non-stop training and for you to really crank your music.

Water-resistant down to 330 feet (100 meters), this is just the watch for ocean lovers. In fact, you can even press the buttons under water without the watch flooding thanks to the Hydro Pusher water-resistant buttons.

Great for men or women, boys or girls, the Freestyle FX Trainer Vibrating Digital Sports Watch is just the right size with a 40mm (1.58 in.) case -- not too big, nor too small.

- 40mm Polycarbonate Case
- Sports Ventilation Silicone Strap
- 100 Hour Chronograph with Lap and Split Times
- Dated Training Log with Best Lap, Average Lap and Total Time
- 100 Lap Memory
- Vibration Alerts
- 5 Interval Timers 24 Hours: Countdown/Stop and Countdown/Repeat
- Dual Time with Date
- Military Time
- Programmable Alarms (Day, Week, Month)
- Hydro Pushers - which means the buttons on the watch can be pushed while submerged in water
- Water Resistant to 330 feet (100 meters)
- Night Vision Backlight
- Limited Lifetime Warranty
Type Vibrating
Band Type Plastic
Display Digital

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