FORA Sterile Lancets- 50-Count

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Precise blood sampling for diabetic users
  • Polyethylene-covered sterile lancets
  • Super-fine needle with tri-bevel flat point
  • Single use only
  • PLEASE NOTE: this product is non-returnable

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These polyethylene-covered FORA Sterile Lancets have a super-fine needle and tri-bevel flat point, providing the most precise and pain-free drawing of a blood sample for blood glucose testing. Sterile. Single use only.

PLEASE NOTE: this product is non-returnable for health and sanitary reasons.

Box measurements (50-count): 3.25" x 2.125" x 1"
Weight in original packaging (50-count): 1.2 oz.

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