FocusEar PAL Personal Sound Amplification Listener Earpiece - Beige

Manufacturer: FocusEar

Don't miss hearing another word!
  • FocusEar improves hearing for 85 percent of hearing challenges
  • Three pre-programmed choices at the touch of a button: 1) Speech - everyday use; 2) Noisy Settings - restaurants, meetings, etc.; and 3) T-Coil Mo
  • HD digital processing with adaptive noise control reduces background noise for clearer conversation and speech enhancement
  • One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

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The FocusEar PAL (Personal Sound Amplification Listener) is a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP). It assists the hard of hearing who do not already use a hearing aid. "It's like reading glasses for your ears!"

FocusEar from Sonic Alert is the state-of-the-art PSAP (Personal Sound Amplification Product) on the market, yet costs only a fraction of the price tag of today's hearing aids, and requires no doctor appointments (however a doctor visit is highly recommended to determine the causes of hearing loss). The FocusEar is essentially the same as a hearing aid, right down to design, look, and functionality. While hearing aids can be customized for each individual by an audiologist, a PSAP is a pre-programmed solution. With FocusEar, you have an engineered electronic device aimed to improve hearing for situations that account for 85 percent of all hearing challenges - quiet settings, noisy settings, and telephone conversations.

FocusEar's 100 percent HD digital processing with adaptive noise control reduces background noise for clearer conversations in challenging environments like restaurants, receptions, lectures, church, and more. It is especially helpful at social events where too much ambient noise is present. Feedback and whistling are kept to a minimum through adaptive feedback control.

The FocusEar Personal Sound Amplification Listener (PAL) has a T-coil (also called Telephone or Telecoil) mode that allows you to directly hear audio signals coming from compatible systems in theaters, auditoriums, cinemas, places of worship, lecture halls, neckloops, and telephones with clarity and detail.

The FocusEar is worn discreetly behind the ear and you hardly notice it's there due to its small size and modern design. Two simple no-look switches are easily used while wearing in order to adjust to your varying situations on the go. FocusEar is also the most comfortable PSAP, fitting gently behind the ear and precisely at the ear canal, it can be worn continuously without irritations common with other PSAPs and hearing aids. Assembled in the U.S.A. It is available in either beige or grey.

FocusEar PAL has a One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

FocusEar by Sonic Alert HD Digital PAL Earpiece (comes pre-assembled with the medium right tube and ear dome)
4-pack 312 hearing aid batteries
2 discreet medium slim tubes for left and right ear
Small and medium Sonic ZTip for left and right ear
Cleaning wire tool
Convenient Travel Case

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