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EZ Vac Wine Saver

Extend the life of your wine!

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  • Three products in one -- bottle stopper, no drip pour spout and pump evacuator
  • Retain freshness and flavor of your wine for weeks
  • Endorsed by the Canadian Sommelier Guild
  • Fits all wine bottles
Preserve your wine after the bottle has been opened.
EZ Vac Wine Saver is 3 products in 1:

1. Bottle stopper- allows for horizontal storage without leaking
2. No drip pour spout- no more stains and spills
3. Pump evacuator- eliminates oxidation; retains freshness and flavor for weeks

Easy pour re-usable wine saver preserves the flavor of your wine. Just reseal unfinished wine and prevent oxidation for weeks.

"Wine can be kept far beyond the one to two week period that other similar products claim to." --Joseph Miller/President of the Canadian Sommelier Guild.

Dishwasher safe; measures 6" long opened.

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