Eye-View Desktop Video Magnifier - DEMO

Manufacturer: Guerilla Technologies

Great for Close-Up, Distance, Self-View & Writing
  • Easily read, view photos, see nearby items, self-view and write
  • Magnifies 1x-100x with 24 display modes
  • Store up to 150 images/documents
  • Connects to TV/computer monitor (not included)
  • Includes hard carry case, cables, keypad control & X-Y table

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CONDITION: Showroom Display Demo Model - Lightly Used - Excellent Condition

Perusing the daily mail has become a chore - the writing seems small and out of focus. You struggle through the newspaper, only occasionally browse a magazine and perhaps have given up entirely on reading books. Even viewing family photographs has lost some of its appeal since you can't see them as well as you used to. Well, struggle no more!

Now you can easily read a favorite author, and once again enjoy family photos. The Eye-View Desktop Video Magnifier lets you effortlessly bring text and images into focus with up to 100x magnifying power and 24 color enhanced display modes. Plus, ultra fast refresh is even helpful for tasks and hobbies, including handwriting, drawing and crafts.

In addition, you may use it to bring clarity to items a short distance away (ex. items on a nearby shelf), as well as using the self-view mode to turn it into a magnifying mirror to check your make-up, etc.

This stand alone digital magnifier offers outstanding picture quality in close-up, distance and self-viewing magnification modes - all in a single compact unit you can take with you when traveling (great for snowbirds!) Just connect it to your TV or computer monitor
and see what you've been missing!

Note: In order to use the Eye-View Desktop Video Magnifier, you must connect it to a TV or computer monitor (not included).

- 3 flexible, auto configured viewing modes: Close-up, Distance and Self-viewing
- Magnification from 1x to 100x
- 24 color enhanced display modes (ex. white on black, black on white, etc.)
- Storage of up to 150 images/documents
- Connects to any TV or computer monitor (cables included; TV/monitor not included)
- Ultra fast refresh allows easy handwriting, drawing and crafts
- The system comes standard with hard shell carrying case, keypad control & X-Y table

- Brightness and Contrast Control
- Freeze Image / Split Screen for closer inspection
- Focus Lock and Find Control
- Line and Curtain viewing for ease of reading
- VGA pass through to share a monitor with your PC
- 60 Day Limited Warranty for EYE-VIEW unit