SKU 958003
Manufacturer Clarity
Length 10.10 in
Width 6.40 in
Height 6.40 in

Ensemble ClearCaptions 50dB Amplified Captioning TouchScreen Phone

Hear Conversations and Read Captions On Screen!

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  • Displays conversation on-screen while you listen with FCC certified ClearCaptions
  • Large 8-inch color touchscreen with adjustable fonts and contrast
  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 50 decibels; Hearing Aid Compatible
  • FREE IN-HOME SETUP provided by ClearCaptions White Glove Concierge Service
  • CUSTOMERS: Please provide phone/email at checkout so FREE IN-HOME SETUP can be provided
The best amplified captioning touch screen phone that allows users to hear amplified conversations while reading them on screen at the same time just got even better and FREE IN-HOME SETUP IS PROVIDED!

Updated with innovative and exciting features, the all-new Ensemble amplified captioned phone from Clarity is an easy-to-use 50dB amplified telephone featuring FCC certified ClearCaptions technology that provides captions for FREE. Through an 8-inch tablet-based display, Ensemble ClearCaptions captures conversations in real time to provide users with both precise text and clear listening.

Ultimately, Ensemble ClearCaptions creates the most accurate phone conversation possible and is the best solution for those who are living with hearing loss.

1. Hearing loss necessitating your use of the service
2. High-speed Internet connection
3. Landline home phone service
4. ClearCaptions account for captions (free sign-up after purchase)

-ClearCaptions White Glove Concierge Service with FREE IN-HOME SETUP will be provided to help you set up this phone and answer any questions following purchase. Setup Service also provided by phone or email if in-home setup is not available in your area.
-CUSTOMERS: Please provide your phone number and email address at checkout in the Customer Service/Additional Comments field so that ClearCaptions White Glove Service can be provided to you.
-High-speed wireless Internet access required for setup and captioning

-ClearCaptions phone captioning service is funded by the U.S. government and provided for U.S. residents only. We can only process calls where one party of the call is located in the U.S.
-ClearCaptions is only available in English
-High-speed wireless internet access required for captioning

-Conversation displayed on the screen so you never miss what is being said
-Captioned conversations can be saved for later reference
-Amplifies incoming sound up to 50 decibels
-Digital Clarity Power incorporates hearing aid technology for clearer call quality
-3 tone settings for a customized listening experience
-Large 8-inch color touchscreen with easy-to-read fonts that can be enlarged with the swipe of a finger
-Adjustable contrast
-Free captions provided by ClearCaptions, an FCC-certified service provider
-Includes wireless access point
-Hearing aid compatible
-1-year manufacturer's limited warranty


You may not always be near your Ensemble. When you are away and still need captions on your calls, you can use the ClearCaptions website or a wireless device. ClearCaptions is easy to use and is available on several platforms including Ensemble, PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. Your Ensemble purchase includes access to captions on calls you choose at the ClearCaptions website or through the free ClearCaptions app you can download for your iOS or Android device.

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