Monday, October 2, 2017

Emmett Smith to Help Visually Impaired Fan Watch Dallas Cowboys Game

Emmett Smith

Thanks to former Cowboys star Emmett Smith and AT&T-backed startup Aira, on Oct. 1st a visually impaired fan was able to watch the Dallas Cowboys-Los Angeles Rams game on from quite a unique perspective. Pete Lane, the lucky fan, who shared his story about experiencing more out of life despite being impacted by blindness or low vision, won the sweepstakes created for AT&T’s Experience More campaign in honor of National Blindness Awareness Month.

Aira uses technology to assist those with low vision with everyday tasks. Their smart eyewear uses a combination of technology and human assistance to verbally assist those wearing the glasses through daily activities. In this case, Smith assisted Mr. Lane through the game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, giving him a personalized run-down of the game straight from an NFL legend.

Lane's excitement and gratitude could not be held when he won. When asked how he felt prior to the game he said, “I’m going to sit up in the box, and we’re going to talk about what I’m seeing, and I’m going to relay the game to them so they can get this visual effect of what’s actually transpiring on the football field,” Smith explained recently during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show, as seen below. “These glasses are pretty awesome. I’m enjoying the technology. This is a way to communicate to the visually impaired to help them understand what’s going on around them.”

Aira, which was founded in 2014, won the Consumer Technology Association Foundation’s Eureka Award. AT&T’s role in supporting the smart eyewear is providing the wireless support between those wearing the eyewear and the live agent assisting them, as well as using its Dynamic Traffic Management to guide agents through prioritizing the traffic flow between themselves and those wearing Aira’s smart glasses.

Aira’s SEO Suman Kanuganti said of the smart technology, “It’s exciting to have the AT&T ecosystem by our side to help our blind and visually impaired users stay connected.” AT&T’s Experience More campaign will continue through October, putting a spotlight on people faced with cognitive or physical challenges who are dedicated to making the most out of life.

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