Elite Braille Low Vision Playing Cards - Pack of 2

Manufacturer: Reizen

Know What Cards You Hold & Play Games by Touch
  • Braille markings for suits and values
  • Big, bold 1.25-inch numerals
  • Poker size, non-plastic, durable aqueous coating cards
  • Two decks - one blue and one red

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Know what cards you are holding and enjoy playing your favorite card games by touch only - or by viewing the oversized print!

Reizen Elite Braille Low Vision Playing Cards have braille markings for both the card suits and values, plus big, bold 1.25-inch high print for easier viewing and card playing.

Poker size. Suits and values are in black and red on white cards. Includes two decks - one with blue backs and one with red backs. Made using a durable aqueous coating. Cards come in storage sleeves.

About Old Bridge and Reizen Elite Playing Cards:
A favorite among card players with vision loss, Old Bridge Low Vision Playing Cards have been appreciated for many years by players of all ages. They make card games easier and more accessible to those with difficulty seeing the print on traditional playing cards.

Reizen is proudly carrying on the work started by Old Bridge Low Vision Playing Cards by continuing to produce the Low Vision cards under the Reizen Elite name, and expanding the product line by adding these Elite Braille Low Vision Playing Cards for those who play by touch.

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