eClipseWriter Student- Teacher Single User License

Manufacturer: IRTI

Talking Word Processing and Daisy Book Conversion
  • Talking word processing
  • Daisy book conversion
  • Open, read/write: MS Word, DocX, RTF HTML, and XML
  • Open and read PDF as text or converted to RTF
  • Requires Windows XP, XP PRO, Vista, OS7 32, or 64 Bit

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eClipseWriter Student Teacher from IRTI (Innovation Rehabilitation Technology) includes Talking Word Processing, Daisy book conversion, IRTI's powerful automated Save As Daisy wizard. Open and read and write: MS Word, DocX, RTF HTML, XML, and open and read PDF as text or converted to RTF.

eClipseWriter Provides Three Unique Tools In One Application:
1. Read Only Mode reads a wide range of documents highlighting individual words or paragraphs. All functions are controlled from the PC Keyboard Number PAD allowing novice or non-computer users to operate eClipseWriter.
2. Word Processor Mode is a powerful reading and writing tool compatible with a wide range of document formats including MS Word, Word DocX, HTML, XML, RTF, Dtbook, Text, and PDF. eClipseWriter's automated Save As Daisy document conversion wizard provides simple and fast daisy book production for personal use.
3. Advanced Book Producer Mode enables features designed for the professional Daisy Book producer. Output DAISY 2.02 media. Book type options include text-only and full text and synchronized audio. Audio formats include MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, and ASF. eClipseWriter automatically generates audio playlists in the daisy book production process.

System Requirements:
- Operating System: Windows XP, XP PRO, Windows Vista, OS7 32, and 64 Bit
- 500 Mhz Processor, 512 Meg Ram
- 150 Meg for Application and documentation, 10 Gig minimum recommend for book-building
- SAPI 5 Text to Speech Engine
- DirectX 8.1 or higher, IE 6 or higher
- eClipseWriter Pro is compatible with many TWAIN scanners and USB Camera Video Devices

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