SKU 555712
Manufacturer MaxiAids
Length 10.25 in
Height 5.50 in

Easy Spin Salad Spinner

One Pull to Gourmet Salad

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  • Durable, retractable cord spins lettuce dry
  • Stop button halts motion
  • Ideal for rinsing and drying bagged greens
  • Dried lettuce makes crisper salads
  • Salads stay fresher in refrigerator when dry
This Easy Spin Salad Spinner has a durable, retractable cord that spins your lettuce dry. Glidewheel motion for quicker results. Foolproof stop button. Action fluffs salad. Ideal for rinsing and drying bagged greens. Dries lettuce for crisper salads. In refrigerator storage, greens stay fresh longer. Space efficient. Flat top allows for stacking. Backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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