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E-bot ADV Portable Magnifier for iPad, Android Tablet, PC or Mac

Magnify Your Tablet or Laptop Wherever You Go!

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  • E-bot ADV portable read, write and distance video magnifier with OCR (EB100A)
  • Connects to iPad or Android Tablet via WiFi wireless access point
  • Connects to Windows PC or Mac desktop and laptop computers via USB Connections
  • Use E-bot ADV to read a book, see the blackboard or take notes in class
  • Magnification Levels: 9.7-inch Tablet: 0.8X to 35X; 17-inch Laptop: 1.5X to 69X; 24-inch Monitor: 2.2X to 97X
The HIMS E-bot ADV electronic magnifier (EB100A) is a lightweight and convenient portable read, write and distance video magnifier (with OCR) designed for low vision enhancement that easily connects to your iPad or Android tablet through a dedicated WiFi access point. The E-bot magnifier also connects to Mac computers or laptops via USB 3.0, Windows PC computers or laptops via USB 2.0/3.0, or monitors via HDMI connections.

The HIMS E-bot ADV can be used to OCR capture the image on the screen, then listen to it read aloud through built-in speakers or headset (speaker jack available for earphone or headset).

Connect E-bot ADV to your iPad or Android tablet, PC or Mac to view and interact with your reading, writing or distance image. Use E-bot ADV to read a book, see the blackboard or take notes in class.

Display E-bot ADV on your Windows PC or MacBook laptop. Set up is quick and the USB connection is easy, so moving from classroom to classroom or between the office and conference room is hassle-free.

E-bot ADV Portable Magnifier Features & Highlights (Model EB100A):

Convenient and Lightweight Portable Magnifier

Exclusive Wireless iPad and Android Tablet Compatibility

Close-Up and Distance Viewing: View a book or document on your desk or a presentation on a board or screen across the room. Switch between the two without losing focus on your reading or distance view.

Familiar Touch-screen Gesture Control: Increase or decrease the zoom level, change text and background color, adjust contrast and even begin and pause OCR text-to-speech using familiar pinch and swipe gestures. This intuitive user-interface means students can learn to use E-bot ADV quickly and with very little instruction.

USB 3.0: Transmit fast, high-quality images to your desktop or laptop PC or Mac.

Auto Brightness

Rechargeable Battery: Use E-bot ADV more than 4 hours on a single charge.

Remote Control (Exclusive to ADV model): All functions are available via an intuitive wireless remote control.

Built-in OCR (Exclusive to ADV model): Use the built-in OCR to capture and read documents even without a PC or tablet attached, and listen to text read aloud using E-bot's built-in speaker.

E-bot ADV Portable Magnifier Technical Specifications (Model EB100A):

Camera: HD, 60fps

Video Output: Wi-Fi: iPad, Android Tablet, Windows PC; USB 3.0/2.0: Windows / USB 3.0: Mac / HDMI: TV, Monitor

Viewing Modes: Near View, Distance View

Magnification Levels: 9.7-inch Tablet: 0.8X to 35X; 17-inch Laptop: 1.5X to 69X; 24-inch Monitor: 2.2X to 97X

Audio: Built-in voice guide, speaker, earphone jack, volume control

Color Modes: 8 modes (7 user-definable from 56 possible color combinations)

Features / Settings: Focus Lock, Find Reading Location, Contrast, Line Markers and Windows

User Interface Options: Remote control, on-board control panel, touch-screen, keyboard, mouse

OCR: Yes

LED Light: Choose lights on or lights off, automatic brightness control

Battery: Rechargeable, removable Lithium-Ion battery, 4-hour battery life

Case: Custom backpack carry case included

Size Folded: 8.5" W x 12.4" L x 3.9" H

Size Unfolded: 8.5" W x 12.4" L x 14.5" H

Weight: 5 lbs.

Warranty: Two-years limited parts & labor warranty
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