DryCaddy on the Go Hearing Aid Drying System

Manufacturer: Dry and Store

Portable protection against moisture damage
  • Powerful desiccant captures moisture and odor
  • Portable— great for travel
  • No recharging, reactivating, batteries, or electricity needed
  • Safe— does not contain any hazardous chemicals
  • Includes DryCaddy jar plus six desiccant discs

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Maintain peak performance, reduce repairs, and enjoy better sound quality from your hearing aids and cochlear implants!

Take the portable DryCaddy on the Go Hearing Aid Drying System anywhere and everywhere— camping, outings to the pool or beach, short trips— and get a year's worth of protection in a small package.

It's widely acknowledged that Dry and Store is the worldwide leader in caring for hearing instruments. Dry and Store electronic appliances combine gentle heat, moving air, and a desiccant to capture moisture, providing the highest level of protection for hearing aids and cochlear implants.

So, why get a DryCaddy instead of (or in addition to) an electronic dryer? The answer is simple: portability and affordability.

Not everyone is able to invest in the level of care that a Dry and Store appliance provides. Many resort to the myriad of passive drying 'systems' on the market which are based on inferior technology and materials. Sadly, even more individuals choose to do nothing, betting against the inevitable damaging effects of moisture relative to both the short-term and long-term performance of their valuable hearing instruments.

DryCaddy bridges the gap between doing nothing and using an active system from Dry and Store. It is simply the best passive dryer available, and at an entirely affordable price.

- DryCaddy uses the most powerful, aggressive, and effective desiccant on the market— molecular sieve. It outperforms the more commonly used silica gel desiccant in all categories with respect to the care of delicate hearing instruments.
- The desiccant materials are safe and do not contain any hazardous chemicals. Using a fresh Dry Caddy Disc (DC Disc) desiccant every two months ensures that the DC Disc performs properly.
- DryCaddy is also a handy alternative to those times when it's not convenient or practical to use an electronic Dry and Store system, such as when camping or even for short trips. It's perfect for outings to the pool or beach because it requires no electricity, and the waterproof jar offers protection from the elements while at the same time refreshing hearing devices.

Kit includes one DryCaddy jar plus six specially designed DryCaddy Discs, providing a year of protection against moisture damage.