Drivers I.C.E. Pack- Road Emergency Handbook

Manufacturer: HearMore

Be prepared for emergencies when you drive
  • Keep important information in your glove compartment
  • Perforated Accident and Driver Information Forms
  • Driver’s Medical History and Emergency Contacts
  • Getting Pulled Over by an Officer: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Includes pouch for Registration and Insurance Card

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The glove-compartment-sized Drivers I.C.E. ("In Case of Emergency") Pack was designed to help drivers stay in control during emergency situations. It's great for everyone and especially helpful for seniors and new drivers.

In emergency situations everyone, no matter how young or old, freezes. When scared or panicked, it can be difficult to compose yourself and gather the information emergency personnel and insurance companies need. The Driver's I.C.E. Pack helps you keep important information at your fingertips:

- Accident Forms (User-friendly accident checklists, accident diagramming, and perforated driver information forms)
- Driver's Medical History
- Emergency Contacts
- Getting Pulled Over by a Police Officer— Do's and Don'ts
- Equip Yourself and Your Vehicle with the Basics
- Top 10 Driving Rules to Live By
- Color-coded index and tabs help you quickly locate the section you need
- Includes Pouch for Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance
- Includes Ball Point Pen and Note Paper

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