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Drive Nimbo Posterior Walker - Medium - Blue

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  • Posterior walkers (also known as reverse walkers) are walking devices the person pulls from behind for improved posture and balance
  • Easy-to-use front wheel swivel lock mechanism easily switches from swivel to non-swivel
  • Unidirectional rear wheels have an override bracket to allow bidirectional forward and reverse mobility
  • Features: Durable aluminum frame folds easily for transport; 5-inch front and rear skid-resistant wheels grip any surface
  • Size: Medium; Adjustable Handle Height: 23 in. - 30.5 in.; Weight Capacity: 150 lb
Drive Nimbo Posterior Walker - Medium - Blue - is a foldable walking device one pulls from behind with an adjustable handle height from 23 in. to 30.5 in.
Research shows that some people who walk with a reverse device (posterior walker) have improved posture, hip extension, and balance.

- Latex-free, smooth-texture handgrips with flanged ends provide a sure and comfortable grip.
- Sturdy but lightweight, aluminum frame folds for easy transportation.
- Non-slip, soft, rubber wheels adhere to any surface.
- Rear wheels are unidirectional but have an easy-to-use override bracket to allow both forward and reverse mobility.
- Front wheels swivel for easy maneuverability but have a swivel lock mechanism to switch from swivel to non-swivel.

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