Dollars and Cents Software- One CD

Manufacturer: Attainment Company

Teaches kids independent money skills
  • Includes three interactive money programs
  • First Money, Spending Money, and Making Change units
  • Voice prompts and graphics cue users through segments
  • US and Canadian currency options
  • Win/Mac CD, touch screen, and single switch compatible

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Three beautifully illustrated interactive money programs on one money-saving CD! Voice prompts and graphics cue users through segments.

Includes the intro level First Money, which identifies money names and values, Spending Money, where the user goes from store to store to buy things on a shopping list, and Making Change, our most advanced money program where the user is a store clerk.

All three programs offer both US and Canadian currency options.

Win/Mac CD, touch screen, single switch, and IntelliKeys compatible. (IntelliKeys Overlay sold separately.)

Windows XP and later. Mac OS X PowerPC and Intel.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Non-Returnable Item.

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