Monday, May 13, 2019

Do What You Can't

Molly Burke, Blind Motivational Speaker and YouTube media star, inspires people all over the world to live their best life despite whatever challenges they face

At 24 years of age, Molly doesn't view her sight impairment as a disability.  She focuses on being a voice for others living with disabilities.  "Whatever disability you have does not have to define who you are." 

There are many new products for the blind that have increased the quality of those who are challenged by vision loss. MaxiAids offers products for the blind, and for people who have low vision and sight impairment, helping make life more independent and enjoyable. "Everyday technology helps me do something I would otherwise struggle to do. Accessibility in tech has come a long way."

Molly's journey into her vision loss and being bullied

Molly began losing her sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa at age 4 and at age 14 lost most of her sight despite seeing light and shadows.  Molly began to experience a lot of bullying in school because of her disability.  After falling and breaking her ankle, she was once left behind by girls who she thought were friends.  As a cruel joke, they led her into the woods instead of the lunchroom, broke her crutches and maliciously abandoned her.  Luckily she had her cell phone on her and called her parents.  Leaving that school behind, Molly went through a difficult time mourning the loss of who she once was.  It took a while to soul search and come out of her depression. 

Campaigning for accessibility

She has proved over the years that anyone can do anything if they work hard and put their mind to it.  Becoming a spokesperson for various foundations fighting blindness, Molly continues to campaign for accessibility and is an advocate for disability rights.  She has become a YouTube star and has created many tutorials with millions of followers, releasing weekly YouTube videos to a worldwide audience.  Molly quoted, "I think failures are what teach us the most".  Molly has traveled all over the world speaking in front of crowds up to 20,000. As a motivational speaker, she shares her story with youth, families and corporate organizations and has even spoken alongside Demi Lovato, Macklemore, Martin Sheen, Magic Johnson, Martin Luther King III, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Malala Yousafzai and the Kielburger brothers. Her inspiration to others and her young age makes her unique and encouraging.

Molly's purpose: to bring hope to others

Molly uses humorous vlogs (video blogs) about her life as a blind person, her thoughts, opinions, anti-bullying, beauty tips, and more. She has become an ambassador for American Eagle Outfitters' underwear sub-brand Aerie — targeting young women with ads that are not retouched or with any additional ad imagery. Molly is one of several spokesmodels headlining the brand’s ongoing #AerieReal campaign, featuring women who are making a change in their particular communities from different cultures and industries.  Molly made a guest appearance on the Megyn Kelly TODAY show in 2018 about overcoming bullying.  She has partnered with Samsung on a TV spot for last year’s Oscars, and has currently completed a 10-episode original series in early 2019 created with Samsung called "The 10 Year Journey" where Molly films 10 video blogs during her European travel adventure.  The 10 years relates to her vision loss due to retinitis pigmentosa about a decade ago, and how she coped with her journey into blindness.  Molly's own personal ‘Do What You Can’t’ slogan is being used by Samsung in some of their other campaigns. Currently Molly has a strong following of 2.5 million YouTube subscribers as of 2019. --Audrey Leonard

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