Digi-WAVE Personal Listening System- Two-Way

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Hear Better in One Speaker, One Listener Settings
  • For two-way communication
  • Use for multiple speaker & listener situations
  • Includes two transceivers and two headset mics
  • Charger and carry case included

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The Digi-WAVE (digital spread spectrum - DSS) Two-Way Personal Listening System from Williams Sound is a simultaneous two-way wireless communication system in the 2.4 GHz band. Slim, lightweight and simple to set up and use, it allows for two-way communication in situations where multiple people can speak simultaneously and participants can hear one another. It's ideal for classrooms, lectures and tours, as well as meetings and one-to-one or small-group situations.

Digi-WAVE uses patented frequency-hopping software to minimize interference that can be caused by fixed-frequency systems like Wi-Fi networks and cordless phones.

A One-Way System is also available. Additional transceivers or receivers may be purchased for situations with more than 2 participants. (See Related Items)

Digi-WAVE Personal Listening System -- Two-Way (DWS PCS2)
2 DLT 300 Transceivers
2 MIC 044 2P Headset Microphones
1 CHG 102 2-Bay Charger
2 CCS 044 Silicone Skin
1 CCS 043 System Carry Case

- State-of-the-art digital technology
- DLT 300 Transceivers transmit and receive
- Four groups can be operating simultaneously within a 200-foot range (in 1- or 2-way mode). Outside of this range, other groups can be in operation.
- DLT 300 has a built-in microphone and speaker, so participants do not need to wear a headset when seated around a table. It also can be held to the ear.
- DLR-360 receivers can be used with or without a Neckloop
- LCD displays signal strength, battery level, mode, time, talk status and priority status (MAS or SLV)
- Lithium polymer battery with smart charge (600 cycles)
- Compact and lightweight
- Pure, clear, wireless audio
- 2-year-warranty

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