Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Deaf twin bloggers create important messages all over the world-- diversity and disability doesn’t mean inability

East African born twin sisters lost their hearing simultaneously and mysteriously on the same day at age 7.  Faced with a lot of obstacles in their lives, Hermon and Heroda Berhane began to fight for their careers.  The twins became models, on line shop owners, fashion and world travel bloggers, and created their company Being Her-- a sibling concept blog showcasing Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty and Diversity. The twins have a message that "The belief in being your self is the most powerful beauty product available".  

Their mission: "We want to tell people around the world that you should embrace disability, not hide from it..."

"Young people and also people with disabilities are particularly important to us because we want to encourage them to show their individuality and personality to the world."

The two sisters refuse to allow being Deaf to define or hold them back, thriving on positive thinking, and taking on new challenges.  They were nominated for Okay Africa honorees in 2018 and selected as two of the Top 100 Women in the Continent and received recognition from media outlets from around the world (Daily Mail, Elle, Marie Clare, CNN, Oprah Magazine, Blavity and Forbes).

Hermon and Heroda have given talks at Stella McCartney's head offices, Casetify, Deafness and Self Care Panel - Women of the World Festival 2018. Recently they appeared in the BBC series ‘Twinstitute’ and River Islands self-love campaign.

"River Islands deserve credit for choosing such an important message to send. We wanted our message to be heard, it’s a powerful message to those people who struggle in life.  We think there’s a lot of rejection and self-loathing and we want to encourage people that it’s okay to be yourself.

We want to educate people what Sign Language is and how beautiful it can be...

Our identity is so important to us; we are proud of who we are, and our deafness is a huge part of our being. Our self-love letter is one of the greatest gifts we can give to the deaf community especially."  

Hermon and Heroda are now being nominated for a National Diversity Award in 2019-- this will empower individuals, communities and companies who have taken equality, diversity and inclusion, and inspire other individuals through their work and commitment to helping others.  


"We never allow being deaf to limit our ambition and disability doesn’t mean inability. We had to do something about it and make our voice heard!  We want to inspire people with disabilities that they can make their dream come true."

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