CyberPower 10-Outlet Surge Protector

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Computer - Audio - Video
  • Protects computer, audio and video equipment from surges
  • Gold coaxial connectors improve video signals
  • 4 AC adapter sized outlets and 4 standard sized outlets
  • Fax, phone and modem jacks
  • 2 additional wide-spaced outlets

SKU: 808077
Length: 4.50 in
Width: 2.00 in
Height: 11.50 in
List Price:: $54.95
Our Price: $45.95
You Save: $9.00 (16%)
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This computer, audio and video surge protector will protect any electronic device plugged into it from lightning induced surges and spikes. CyberPower power surge protector comes with: Groud Indicator Light, Surge Protection Indicator Light (active when lit), Gold Coax/Cable Surge Protection outlets which also improves the signal, Power On/Off Switch with integrated 15 AMP Circuit Breaker, Sturdy ABS Case, 4 Transformer Spaced Surge Protected Outlets, 4 Standard Surge Protected Outlets, 1 in 2 out Phone/Fax/Modem Communications Protection Ports, a 6 foot patch cord and keyhole slots for easy wall or desk mounting.

Also includes 2 additional outlets that are extra-wide.

Includes a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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