Thursday, February 25, 2021

Create the Perfect Learning Environment with Childrens Braille Books

At MaxiAids, accessibility is our number one priority. Children deserve accessible resources as early as possible to make sure they are receiving the same treatment as their friends and classmates. We offer as many braille books as possible for blind and low vision children. Learn colors, shapes, and more with these books! Our selection of books is great for reading, games, coloring, and even more activities! Here is a list of some of our favorite books.


DK Braille Counting Board Book

Young children can learn numbers and counting easily with this touch-and-fun book! The story takes readers on an adventure through the park where they can practice counting and numbers. The story appears in both braille and bold print text on each page.


Children's Braille Book— Find the Shapes

Children will have fun learning about shapes with this tactile book! Each shape appears in raised print on the page, with the name of the shapes in braille and raised print lettering alongside them. A great learning tool for sighted and low vision children!


Tactile Book of Dinosaurs— Braille Children's Book with Instructions

Learn more about dinosaurs with this braille book! Each page contains a raised print photo of a dinosaur as well as a braille description. Kids can even color in the dinosaurs as they learn!


Braille Children's Book Amazing Mazes

These mazes are fun for blind, low vision, and sighted children alike! Raised print lines make each maze easy to complete. The book contains five different kinds of mazes.


Children's Braille Alphabet Book

Learn the alphabet with helpful braille letters and tactile shapes! Each page displays a braille letter with a corresponding shape or object in tactile raised print.


The Continents of the World— Braille and Tactile Book

This book helps children learn the names of the different continents and become familiar with the shapes and locations of each one! The continents are outlined in raised print and labeled with braille lettering.


Braille books are a great way to make sure that those who are blind or have low vision are able to read and learn as well as others! Raised print lines create the perfect educational picture books and activity books for low vision users, while braille lettering makes learning the names of shapes, colors, and more even easier.

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