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Cochlear Implants: Covering the Basics was developed by Deaf community leader and educator Phil Bravin. His work with families taught him that informing parents about cochlear implants required an objective and factual approach. In 40 minutes, Phil covers the technology, options, and pros and cons that many parents must weigh when deciding what is best for their deaf child. Phil also shares important information about the Deaf community, Deaf culture, and sign language. Do you want to know about hearing assistive technology, specifically hearing aids and cochlear implants? Phil covers them in depth, in addition to post-operative therapy, FDA warnings about cochlear implants, and questions to ask your doctor. Cochlear Implants: Covering the Basics outlines critical information that you may not receive from medical professionals or insurance companies. As Phil explains, decisions about assistive devices can have repercussions that last a lifetime. Before you make a decision affecting a child or someone you love, get all the facts. Make sure you've covered the basics. Running Time: 40 minutes

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