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Controlled Flow Baby Feeder

Designed to Help Parents Control Baby Feeding Flow

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  • Designed by infant medical therapist
  • Controls flow of nutrition based on infant feeding capabilities
  • Helps baby develop feeding skills
  • Certified BPA and Phthalate Free
  • For ages 0-12 months
The Controlled Flow Baby Feeder is an innovative new system designed by an infant medical therapist that allows the parent to control the flow of nutrition based on the feeding capabilities of an infant. By catering to the individual needs, the Controlled Flow Baby Feeder helps the baby develop the skills needed to successfully feed.

The Controlled Flow Baby Feeder is BPA free.

NOTE: Do not use powdered formula in Baby Feeder. Any unmixed powder may clog the device. Shake pre-mixed formula very well before using in Baby Feeder.

Non-returnable due to health and sanitary reasons.

Features and Benefits:

The Controlled Flow Baby Feeder gives the parent control over flow of nutrition to best fit the feeding capabilities of their individual baby.

--Can be used to condition newborns from the womb or to transition from breast to bottle.

--For ages 0-12 months

--Enables babies of different ages or medical circumstances to begin feeding at levels appropriate to their needs.

--Controls nutrition flow utilizing six easy to adjust settings. Begins with "Zero" up to Level 5; the equivalent to a Stage 1 nipple.

--Ability to increase or decrease flow based on cues provided by the baby without removing bottle from mouth during feeding.

--Reduces the risk of aspiration.

--Introduces nutrition at a very slow rate.

--Successfully conditions newborns to feed orally at their own pace

--Allows various caregivers to provide consistent feedings

--Bottle provides accurate measurement of total nutrition intake

--Designed by an infant medical therapist.

--Certified BPA and Phthalate Free

--Made in the USA

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