Contrast HD Electronic Magnifier with XY Table

Manufacturer: NordicEye

See text and photos more clearly and easily
  • 1.7x-67x magnification
  • View on your PC/laptop screen (not included)
  • Split image with computer
  • Color, positive, and negative display on screen
  • Includes XY table for holding and moving reading material

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See reading material and pictures more clearly and easily at school, work, and home!

The Contrast is a powerful magnifying camera solution that allows you to enlarge text and images anywhere from 1.7x-67x for more comfortable viewing on your PC or laptop screen (not included). This model also includes an XY table that holds materials being viewed and allows the user to move them under the camera.

In addition to magnifying text and photos, you can choose a black on white or white on black or contrasting color view. You also have the capability of viewing text/images in split-screen mode while you have something else displayed on the other half of your PC's screen, either horizontally or vertically.

If a distance camera is needed for a working or a school environment, an extra distance HD camera can easily be connected. (Note: The HD camera is an optional feature that must be purchased separately).

The Contrast electronic magnifier is perfect for those with diminished vision due to age-related macular degeneration and other low vision conditions.

Note: The Contrast is a camera only. It must be used in combination with a PC or laptop monitor (not included).

- Magnification on 20-in. monitor: 1.7x - 67x
- Focus: Auto-Focus
- Power consumption: 29W
- Focus area: 3.14 in. (80mm)
- Max resolutions: 1920x1200
- Free space under camera: 11.02 in. (280mm)
- Split image with computer: Horizontal or vertical
- Updating: 60Hz
- Lighting: LED
- Weight: 9.9 lbs. (4.5kg)
- Output: VGA, DVi, HDMI
- Distance camera: Optional
- Screen Display: Color, positive, negative, and artificial colors
- Wireless remote control included
- Distance camera (not included) can be connected
- Can be controlled by PC keyboard with Vista, Win 7
- Control panel can be purchased separately
Type Desktop
Features High Definition (HD)