Comfort Contego Listening System with Neck Loop

Manufacturer: Comfort Audio

Hear Better in Meetings, On Calls & Watching TV
  • Amplifies conversations, phone calls, TV sound & more
  • 130dB SPL output and 100-ft. range
  • Incl. transmitter, receiver, audio & phone kits
  • Also includes neck loop for hearing aid users
  • Measures 0.87 x 1.77 x 3.86 in.

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Never miss a sound throughout your busy day! The Comfort Contego digital wireless assistive listening device improves the quality of life of people with hearing loss in many everyday situations.

Whether you're in a meeting or a classroom, at a lecture, talking on the phone or simply watching TV, the Comfort Contego amplifies incoming sound helping users hear better at work, school and home, in the car or almost anywhere.

The Comfort Contego delivers loud, clear sound while at the same time protecting your personal privacy, as its signals are encrypted to prevent electronic eavesdropping - an industry first.

The system consists of a receiver and a transmitter. The user may pick up sound using the built-in microphones in the receiver. When the distance between you and the speaker/sound source is longer, you may have the person you want to hear use the transmitter.

Both the transmitter and the receiver have built-in zoom microphones that can be adjusted by the user for maximum sound customization. The microphones can be set for omni or directional use, depending on conditions, and volume levels can be adjusted remotely.

This model includes a neck loop so the unit may be used by wearers of hearing aids with T-coils.

- Transmission: Digital modulation with encryption
- Range: One hundred (100) feet
- Antenna: Built in
- Channels: 38
- Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
- Charging time: Four (4) hours
- Operating time: Up to twenty (20) hours
- Microphones: Built in - directional and omni-directional
- Frequency range: 904-926 MHz
- Input: Line in/Microphone
- Max Output: 130dB SPL
- Max Gain: 50dB
- Includes transmitter (T900), receiver (R900), rechargeable batteries, audio kit, telephone kit, power supply/charger, neck loop with extension cable and carry/storage case

Size: 0.87 x 1.77 x 3.86 inches
Weight: Weight: 2.1 oz.

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