Colorful Fish Chunky Puzzle with Braille

Manufacturer: Melissa and Doug

8 chunky fish with color names in braille
  • Color names on pieces
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Pieces stand up for pretend play
  • Easy-to-grasp extra-thick pieces
  • Ideal for blind, visually impaired, and sighted children

SKU: 599003
Length: 12.00 in
Width: 10.75 in
Height: 1.00 in
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This is a perfect beginning puzzle for toddlers and preschoolers! Vibrant colors with color names in braille lettering on each of the 8 pieces help make this puzzle quick to solve and help reinforce color and word recognition. The 8 friendly fish in different chunky shapes also stand up for pretend play.

Rainbow review: Help kids identify colors on each piece with color or braille and have them find the same color on the puzzle board by color or shape. Say a color and have kids find the correct piece and place it in the puzzle board!

Trace it: Help kids trace the puzzle pieces on a piece of paper. Have them color in their own versions of the fish!

Fish fables: Give each fish a name, a personality, and talk about where it lives, what it eats, who its friends are, and what it likes to do.

Recommended for ages 2 and up.

Weight: 2 lbs.

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