Color-Coded Flexible Chopping Mats- Set of 6

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Makes Chopping Food Safe, Sanitary and Easy
  • Prevent cross contamination of foods during chopping
  • Four 11 x 15 color-coded mats for different foods
  • Two bonus 11 x 7.5clear mats
  • Flat and flexible for easy use and storage
  • Dishwasher safe

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Convenient and cleverly designed, this set contains four 11 x 15 color-coded mats for chopping different foods, plus two 11 x 7.5clear bonus mats. Follow the color-coded system (complete with stenciled food images) on the four larger mats to help prevent cross -contamination. (Green for vegetables and bread, red for meats, blue for fish and yellow for poultry.) The two smaller mats are great for chopping nuts.

The durable chopping surface is long lasting, but will not dull knives. Mats are flat and flexible for easy use and storage. Chop ingredients, then bend the mat into cone shape to easily funnel into a bowl or pot. Flat mats store in a drawer or use the pre-punched holes to hang them from a kitchen hook. Dishwasher safe.

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