Coil VTM Bright Magnifier- Red Soft-Grip Rim

Manufacturer: Coil

1.7x magnification aids readers with low vision
  • Helpful for Dyslexia and other reading difficulties, as well as Macular Degeneration and Low Vision
  • Ideal for school children and elderly users
  • 1.7x magnification and 50.5mm lens diameter
  • Full 50.5mm diameter clear aperture for viewing text
  • Includes durable soft-grip rim and snap-on protective cover

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The VTM (Visual Tracking Magnifier) Bright Magnifier has been specifically designed to aid those with Dyslexia and similar reading difficulties, as well as those with Low Vision.

The VTM Bright Magnifier helps the user concentrate their vision on individual words or sentences and removes the confusion caused by nearby text or pictures.

This Visual Tracking Magnifier sits comfortably on the page and moves smoothly with its comfortable easy-grip rim. The text is easily tracked and read due to its wide field-of-view and full 50.5mm diameter clear aperture.

Winner of "Millennium Product" status, it is ideal for both school children and the elderly.

Magnification (when laid flat on the page): 1.7x
Lens Diameter: 50.5mm
Image Vergence: -4.0D
Effective Focal Length: 52.90mm
Field of View on Page:143mm x 104mm

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