COIL UK Raylite 3 LED Handle ONLY

Manufacturer: Coil

Exclusive Line of Quality British-Made Magnifiers
  • Stand magnifier handle ONLY
  • Must be paired with a Raylite 3 magnifier head
  • Efficient, long life LED illumination
  • Uses two C batteries (not included)
  • Manufactured in England

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COIL UK Raylite 3 LED Power Handle ONLY. Works with all Raylite 3 magnifier heads (Magnifier heads sold separately). Just choose the correct magnifying strength to suit your needs, pair it with power handle and you're ready to go. Illumination is supplied by a built-in maintenance-free single LED for extended battery life.

Interchangeable magnifier heads are helpful should a lens break or if the user's vision requires a stronger lens in the future, as well as for vision testing purposes by eye-care professionals. Quick release cap for easy battery compartment access. Uses two C batteries (not included).

This handle is part of an exclusive line of COIL UK Raylite Stand Magnifiers that is custom-manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest precision standards using the finest quality materials.
Type Illuminated

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