COIL Auto Touch Illuminated Magnifier - 7x

Manufacturer: Coil

SKU: R8147/03
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Magnification - 7X; Diopter - 24.0D; Magnifier + Charger. The Auto Touch has been designed to combine new innovative technology and specific ergonomic considerations to give a product that better meets the modern needs of the visually impaired. The Auto touch is simply activated by picking up and holding in either hand and will automatically turn off when released; no more difficult switch operation. LED light source offers better illumination and longer lasting, more efficient light. The Auto Touch is powered by environmentally friendly sealed rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for constant battery change. It is supplied with a recharger and a soft leather case that offers additional protection. Features: touch control, ergonomic shape, powered by high capacity nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, environmentally friendly, abrasion resistant coating index matched, maintenance free, sealed LED light source, LED's have 150 times longer life expectancy than conventional bulbs, LED's do not generate heat, supplied with black protective metal case, color all white body and heads. Lens measures 42mm.
Type Illuminated

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