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Manufacturer Coil

Coil 1.5X Near-Vision Hands-Free Spectacle Binoculars- Clear

For Clearer Hands-Free Viewing of Fine Detail Work

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  • Low-distortion 1.5X optimized lens for sharp images
  • Each eye is focused separately for optimum clarity
  • Spectacle-style design allows hands to remain free
  • Designed for near vision and reading
  • Protective carry case included
Enjoy a clearer view and hands-free convenience, whether you are reading, pursuing a favorite hobby such as stamp or coin collecting or performing a task that requires you to see fine details. Coil Ophthalmic Near-Vision Hands-Free Spectacle Binoculars are a novel magnifying system offering unlimited near vision potential for recreational use.

Worn just like traditional spectacles, the lightweight binoculars give 1.5x magnification while keeping both hands free. Two side-mounted rotary wheels give precise focus control and can be adjusted to give independent focus for each eye. The front lens is made from Acrylic and optimized to give a sharp image with minimal distortion. Protective carry case included.

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