Clearsounds Smartsound Earbuds with Reverse Sound

Manufacturer: ClearSounds

Experience full, rich sound without eardrum damage
  • Reduce pressure on the eardrums
  • Reversed sound waves for safe, natural surround sound
  • Includes 3 sets of interchangeable ear pads
  • PLEASE NOTED: Non-returnable item for health and sanitary reasons
  • One-Year Warranty

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Enjoy your tunes without harming your hearing! You're a passionate member of the digital music generation. You know you love playing tunes. What you may not know is the degree of damage traditional earbuds can do to your hearing. They put all kinds of pressure on your eardrums.

SmartSound Earbuds rescue your sensitive inner ear without subtracting from your listening experience. A revolutionary design in acoustic technology reverses the direction of speakers. The sound will blow you away— without banging on your eardrums. The flow of the sound waves creates a spatial, surround sound effect you have to hear to believe.

SmartSound Earbuds are amazingly comfortable, too. You select from a trio of interchangeable ear pads for the acoustic quality you like best and you hook the buds securely onto your ears. They won't fall out like earbuds often do and don't introduce the hearing hazards that come from sound waves pounding directly on your eardrums.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is Non-Returnable for health and sanitary reasons.

- Speakers are placed in a reverse direction to reduce pressure on the eardrums
- Reversed sound waves create an amazing, but safe, natural surround sound effect
- Ambient sound comes through your ears to ensure safety
- Increased sound clarity
- Prevents hearing discomfort
- Comfortable to wear
- Ear hooks prevent the earbuds from popping out
- Three interchangeable ear cushions provide sound characteristics to match personal preferences: full range, bass booster, and surround booster
- Size: 2.25: x 1.5" x 0.5"
- Cord Length: 56"
- Color: Black
- One-Year Warranty

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