Clarity D714 Amplified Low Vision Big Button Cordless Phone - 40dB

Manufacturer: Clarity

Loud, Clear Calls, Big Buttons & Answering Machine
  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 40dB
  • Ringer with 10 melodies and 6 volume levels
  • Amplified handset speakerphone (up to 40dB)
  • Backlit big buttons and large font display
  • Includes base w/answering machine & one handset

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The Clarity D714 Amplified Low Vision Big Button Cordless Phone- 40dB amplifies incoming sound up to 40 decibels and is 20 times louder than a standard home phone. This phone amplifier features DECT 6.0 technology and provides clear, interference free communication. Low vision features include the largest keypad of any cordless phone, hi-contrast numbers, a backlit keypad that is easy to see at night, bright visual ringer and a large font Caller ID display. The Clarity Amplified Big Button Cordless Phone- 40dB.

Has a built-in digital answering machine allows messages to be listened to through either the handset or speakerphone.

The Clarity Amplified Big Button Cordless Phone- 40dB uses patented Clarity Power technology that makes hearing easy again by eliminating feedback and distortion, minimizing background noises while managing soft and loud sounds. For convenience, a handset speakerphone allows the user to listen hands-free at up to 40 dB, plus the system is expandable up to a total of 5 handsets.
Category Amplified
Type Cordless
Options Caller ID
Options Answering Machine
Options Speakerphone
Category Low Vision

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