Manufacturer: Kare Audio

Hear your TV better!
  • Ball flex joints makes positioning easier for those with limited dexterity and grip just about anything
  • Large knob on the speaker allows for easy control of volume and power— great for low vision users
  • Speakers provide over 90 decibels of sound
  • No more pain and discomfort from headphones
  • Still hear sounds around you— no worrying about missing a phone call, doorbell, or smoke alarm

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Ensure that you can hear the TV and the rest of the house with over 90dB of sound from the ChairSpeaker! No need to worry about missing phone calls, doorbells, or smoke alarms. Plus, ensure you're not isolated from the rest of the room and avoid the pain and discomfort that typically comes from headphones. A large knob on the speaker allows low vision users to easily control the volume and power. Helpful ball flex joints make positioning easier for those with limited dexterity— the ChairSpeaker wraps around the head of your chair or just about any other surface with ease!

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