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CCTV Magnifier and Zoom Digital Microscope

Great Vision Aid and Educational Tool for All Ages

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  • Economical Electronic Magnifier for Those with Low Vision
  • Digital Microscope Supports Science Studies for Kids
  • Great teaching tool for the classroom or at home
  • Perfect for hobbyists including stamp and coin collectors
This handy 2-in-1 tool does double duty an affordable CCTV magnifier and a zoom digital microscope. Those with low vision will enjoy the ease of use and reduced eyestrain this CCTV provides when looking up a number in a phone book, reading a product label or reviewing bills, bank statements and other daily mail. Stamp and coin collectors will be able to see and appreciate fine details they have never before seen. And the powerful 26x to 130x zoom magnification will allow kids (of all ages) to see even the smallest details of everyday items and unique specimens. All magnified images are displayed with amazing clarity as live images on your computer screen.
You can use this powerful tool as you would a traditional microscope. It comes with specimen slides and a base on which to place them, over which you lock in for viewing. However, where traditional microscopes are limited to what will fit on the base, the zoom microscope allows you to hold it up against virtually any surface and view its magnified image. Instead of holding your eye up to an eyepiece and looking down at the specimen as you would with a traditional microscope eyepiece, you view the specimen more easily and comfortably on your computer screen.
Lightweight, portable and usable with one hand, the zPix is powered by the USB 2.0 connection to your computer. No separate power cord and no batteries are needed. Simply install the PC driver software on your computer, plug the zPix into the USB port and the internal light turns on to illuminate magnified objects for a bright, clear image. To select the desired magnification, just dial in the power with the magnification ring and adjust focus with the focus ring.
The zPix is equipped with a VGA resolution PC camera along with a 5X optical zoom lens system. Depending on the optical zoom level chosen, the camera's sensor picks up the image from the lens and displays the image on your computer monitor in a magnification range of 26X - 130X. The integrated camera transfers the images to the screen for immediate viewing or is capable of capturing still images with a click of the shutter button—to save for future viewing, printing, cataloging or pasting into reports or presentations. The also offers video capture.
This innovative instrument can do wonders in encouraging kids' curiosity about the world and objects around them. A great gift idea to inspire learning, the is sure to spark the interest of any future entomologist—while viewing a living, glowing firefly; captivate a budding botanist—while studying a sprouting seed; or fascinate a potential CSI—with the uniqueness of a fingerprint. It is also an affordable and efficient teaching aide which allows a whole classroom to gather around a computer screen and study the same specimen at the same time. Suitable for ages 8 through adult.
Warranty: 1 Year. Product Size: 4-3/8-in. High X 2-3/8-in. Diameter. Weighs: .35 lbs. USB Cord Length: Approximately 56 inches.
The package includes:
The CCTV and Zoom Digital Microscope
VGA 640x480 image resolution
Specimen Base to view slides
1 Prepared Specimen Slide, 3 Blank Slides
Forceps and Eyedropper
USB Cable
PC Driver on CD: compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP and Vista
Mac Driver on CD: compatible with Mac OSX 10.4 or later
Instruction Manual

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