CANDY 4 Portable HD Video Magnifier - 2x-18x

Manufacturer: HIMS

View Enlarged Print on a Crystal Clear 4.3-in. LCD
  • Can be used as a handheld or a stand magnifier
  • Magnifies 2x-18x on a 4.3” high-definition color LCD
  • Close-up or near-distance view (see/capture items on a shelf)
  • Customize 4 selectable color contrast modes
  • Image Capture: Save & review up to 5 images

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Have trouble reading the small print on prescription bottles, viewing restaurant menus or seeing price tags and labels on products up on store shelves? There's no reason to struggle bringing everyday items into focus. Now you can see even the finest details clearly - whether you're at home or out and about!

The versatile CANDY 4 Portable HD Video Magnifier can be used as either a handheld or stand magnifier. CANDY's crystal-clear, high-contrast HD image, intuitive user interface with easy-to-locate buttons, comfortable and balanced handle design and lightweight 7-oz. compact size make it ideal for use at school, office or home.

Featuring unique close-up or near-distance viewing, magnification from 2x to 18x and a long-lasting user-replaceable lithium battery, CANDY 4 is the most value-priced 4.3" LCD handheld video magnifier.


- Crystal-Clear, Color-Rich HD-Quality Image: The new CANDY 4 Handheld HD Video Magnifier features a 4.3" high-definition LCD, ensuring a clear, high-quality image. Realistic color imaging is important for many school, professional and personal uses.

- Image Capture: Save up to 5 images. Easily find and review any saved image.

- User-Customizable Color Contrast Settings: Easily customize 4 selectable color modes from a number of preset combinations. Users can also disable unused options to simplify menu choices to only those which they use most often.

- Near-Distance View: Use Near-Distance View to see or capture a shop sign, store prices, or items on a store shelf.

- Auto Focus: CANDY 4 will quickly auto-focus when the user changes from close-up to near-distance viewing.

- Continuous Digital Zoom: Continuous zoom allows you to quickly adjust your magnification level without the need for multiple button presses.

- Large Display, Real Time Digital Clock. Quickly check the current time right on your CANDY 4.
Type Portable
Features High Definition (HD)