Calculator W2-Linetrack Back

Manufacturer: Datexx

Verifies and edits up to 1,000 calculation entries
  • Extra-large 2-line alphanumerical LCD display which shows past entries
  • Programmable tax calculation
  • Spreadsheet-style editing
  • Remembers your entries for you
  • Trackback up to 1,000 entries to help verification and make corrections

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This 2-line calculator takes the guesswork out of calculations. Allows for verification and editing of up to 1,000 entries. Combines the editing capability of spreadsheets with the simplicity of a calculator. Maintain your sanity and forget redoing long and complicated calculations after a distraction or a wrong entry. This 2-line calculator allows reviewing up to 1,000 entries for verification and corrections. Provides functionality to easily include or exclude taxes from calculations. 7 5/8 x 5 1/4 x 3/4 inches. Uses 1 LR44 battery.

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