Bump Dots- Small- Orange Fluores- Round-Flat Top- 40pk

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Tactually identify everyday items
  • 40 self-adhesive bump dots per package
  • Small, orange fluorescent round bump dots with flat top
  • Dot measure 0.30 in. diameter and .085 in. high
  • Great for keyboards, phones, TV's, appliances, etc.
  • For use on any clean, flat surface

SKU: 3*5020
Length: 0.30 in
Height: 0.09 in
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Mark everyday items for easy identification by touch, and make your workplace more efficient and your daily life easier and more enjoyable for those with low vision! These Bump Dots for the blind are a great way to tactually mark appliances, computer keyboards, TVs and remote controls, telephones, copiers, printers, etc. This low vision aid is ideal for use at home or in the office for marking a wide variety of items. Smooth, raised tactile dots have a self-adhesive back for easy application. For best results, apply these low vision aids to a clean, flat surface. Will not damage product surface.

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