Book - Bummys Basic Parliamentary Workshop -VHS

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Meetings dragging on? Losing sight of the agenda? Eyes glazing over? Get business accomplished and decisions made smoothly and painlessly with this easy-to-follow instructional video Well-known parliamentarian Bummy Burstein teaches you how to minimize confusion and maximize effectiveness at meetings. In this in-depth yet relaxed video workshop, Bummy conducts a mock meeting full of common procedural errors and demonstrates the correct ways to implement parliamentary procedure. As the Deaf club members make procedural mistakes, Bummy intercedes and explains the proper procedure for each particular situation. This provides a simple method for learning the techniques essential for efficient and productive meetings. Use Bummy's Parliamentary Workshop to save yourself and your fellow participants a lot of grief and make meetings more enjoyable. Bummy's Basic Parliamentary Workshop is useful for all types of group meetings. Running Time: 90 minutes

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