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10 July, 2016

Boogie Board LCD eWriters Gives Voice to Those Without Speech

The Boogie Board LCD eWriter enables those without a voice to communicate. People such as Bob Hoagland, a Vietnam Vet diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

Boogie Board eWriters were notably featured on NBC News. Their in-depth story focused on the possible connection between veterans and ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), highlighting Bob Hoagland, a Vietnam Vet diagnosed with the disease. He relies on the Boogie Board 8.5 as his primary communication tool.

Photo by Ann Johansson for NBC News

Photo by Ann Johansson for NBC News

From the NBC News Report:

"U.S. veterans carry a nearly 60 percent greater risk of contracting ALS than civilians . . . That alarming disparity has prompted the Pentagon to devote $7.5 million annually to hunt for ALS causes and treatments . . . 'When you think about the military, you have intense training, and we all wonder: Is it something to do with extreme exercise and a genetic vulnerability?' says Clive Svendsen, head of the Cedars institute . . . His theory: For veterans born with a rare genetic flaw that predisposes them to ALS, the military’s harsh physical demands perhaps trigger the disease to erupt years later . . .

"'The answer is in stem cell therapy,' Hoaglan writes on his LCD board . . . He scrawls more words with urgency in his eyes: 'I want to get involved in a stem cell study.'"


MaxiAids Has Boogie Board LCD eWriters In Stock

MaxiAids chose to carry the Boogie Board LCD eWriter because it is such an innovative and useful assistive technology device. You can choose either the pocket-size Jot 4.5 or the full-size Jot 8.5 model in your favorite color.

The Boogie Board line of Jot LCD eWriters has a reusable writing surface and includes a stylus to quickly jot down notes, messages, phone numbers, or lists – which are easily erased with just the press of a button. Both sizes are terrific to take with you or to keep conveniently at hand in your home or office.


Simple and Elegant Assistive Technology Solution

The Boogie Board is a simple and elegant assistive-technology solution for those with a speech impairment to help them communicate their thoughts to others. The Jot LCD eWriters are ideal for anyone who has difficulty with vocal communication, such as the deaf, hard of hearing, stroke victims, etc. In fact, organizations for certain impediments, such as ALS, vocal cord paralysis, stroke victims, etc. endorse them for many different purposes, including to practice memory exercises, as well as to help develop fine motor skills, and communicating.


This is not your father’s Etch-a-Sketch

The Boogie Board eWriter may bring back memories of the Etch-a-Sketch. But, as the saying goes, this is not your father’s Etch-a-Sketch. The Boogie Board has a pressure-sensitive, plastic liquid crystal display. You create words and drawings by pressing on the LCD with the included stylus. To clear the screen, you press the erase button. This applies an electric field to completely erase the LCD screen with no fuss or mess.

While the technology employed by both devices is quite different, the major difference is in your experience using them. The Boogie Board eWriter feels very natural, just like when you are writing and drawing by hand with a pen or pencil on a piece of paper – but with the easy-to-erase convenience of a blackboard. It replaces pen and paper, scratch pads, and sticky notes for writing down messages, memos, lists, and ideas. You can even use it to play games like tic-tac-toe and hangman or to draw pictures. Your words and images will remain as long as you want and can be easily erased with the touch of a button. You can create and erase again and again.


Boogie Board Jot 4.5 LCD eWriter

The compact-sized Jot 4.5 LCD eWriter is for people on the go. Slip it into your shirt pocket, coat pocket, or purse to take shopping to the drug store, grocery store, or restaurant. It's just what you need for quick notes and brief messages.


Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter

The full-size Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter is the flagship Boogie Board product. It has the brightest, highest-contrast LCD. With the Boogie Board Jot 8.5, you are able to save and edit what is written on the display through an app that is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. This free-for-download Jot mobile app allows you to scan, edit, save, and share content that you've created with others.


My Primary Communicating Tool

"The Jot 4.5 is great for things like going to the grocery store where I need to use my hands a lot. No need to set it down, just drop it into my shirt pocket. The Original will be my primary communicating tool, and it just looks great.

I have been so impressed with the eWriter ever since I got it and people I talk to say how cool it is when they see it in action."

— Bob Hoaglan

Photo by Ann Johansson for NBC News

Photo by Ann Johansson for NBC News


03 March, 2016

Searching For 20/20 Pens

A Tale of Low-Vision Pen Obsession

Lately, we've all gone a bit pen crazy here at MaxiAids . . .

One of our most popular products was unexpectedly discontinued by the manufacturer. Now, aside from our desire to give our customers what they want, no business likes to lose a bestseller. The product was the 20/20 Pen™.

Our Wholesale Purchasing Department could not hunt down any substantial quantity of the product. In fact, even though I'm not in Purchasing, I tried to help out by personally calling the manufacturer to try to score some stock that might have been forgotten in some corner of one of their warehouses. But no luck. Not a single carton.

I confirmed that the manufacturer had no intention to make a new direct replacement. The company decided to streamline their product selection and felt the 20/20 Pen™ unnecessarily duplicated their Sharpie™ line of marker pens.

Now, we love Sharpie™ markers. I mean, who doesn't? They are really super writing instruments. And for some tasks and on some surfaces, they are clearly the best choice – so we stock, sell, and often recommend them.

However, many of our customers prefer to make their appointment entries on our Jumbo Appointment Calendar and write their shopping lists with marker pens that have a bit less bleed through. So our Purchasing Department came to the rescue by contacting all their suppliers and brought in other low-vision pens, like the Pilot Bravo!™ that would meet our customers' needs.

Because most people prefer a variety of choices, we also offer the budget-priced Economy Low Vision Pen™. This is a slimmer-designed, very affordable option.

But we didn't stop there. Oh no. O-as-in-obsession no.

With all this frustrating, laser-focused searching for the 20/20 Pen™ our Owner and Business Manager decided that they never wanted MaxiAids, or our low-vision customers, to be at the mercy of some other company's business decision.

The King (namely the 20/20 Pen™) is dead, long live the King!

MaxiAids, under our proprietary Reizen™ brand, is now the proud manufacturer of the BoldWriter 20 Pen™. 

We believe this will soon become a customer all-time favorite, destined to replace any fond memory of the old 20/20 Pen™. After all, it has to be darned good because it successfully stopped the Must-Get-Low-Vision-Pens OCD Express we all were riding on.

So what's the big deal about low vision pens?

Almost nothing is more frustrating than not being able to read something you yourself have written. If it's a matter of sloppy handwriting, you have no one to get annoyed at but yourself. But when it’s due to the writing looking too faint, light, and thin, it feels like your pen betrayed you.

And for the visually impaired and all those who live with low vision, not being to read the time of your next doctor's appointment on your calendar is a serious issue. That is why a pen that produces deep black, vivid, bold writing, yielding high contrast is so important.

A disability should not be allowed to define us or the life we lead. Every day we see our customers with disabilities choose solutions to make their lives more independently livable. 

Low vision is a very common disability, especially for our aging population. Low vision means that despite all possible medical correction – including prescription eyeglasses – you still need help to see and read. Luckily, there are many assistive and adaptive products available for low vision. This includes illuminated magnifiersvideo magnifiers, talking devices, and so much more. But the least expensive, most useful item – in addition to a handheld magnifier – that you will use every day, is a low-vision pen.

If you have low vision  or know someone who does – check out the end result of our low-vision pen quest:

BoldWriter 20 Pen™ is the easy-to-read pen for those without 20/20 vision

"If you're going to write, write boldly . . . The BoldWriter 20™ is the high-visibility pen for those with low vision."

BoldWriter 20 Pen

Major Features:

  1. Easy-to-see and read with incredibly vivid, high-visibility, black ink
  2. Quick-drying ink doesn't smudge or bleed through paper
  3. Bold point produces highly legible line width – ideal for low vision and the visually impaired
  4. Superior Quality - Made in the USA


Visit for the largest selection of products for independent living at the lowest prices. 

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27 January, 2016

How To Help Your Nose Do Its Job

You wouldn't think of going even a day without drinking at least a glass of water. After all, the dangers of dehydration are well known and well publicized. However, many of us torture our noses, nasal passages, throats, and lungs for months and months by not providing them with the moisture they require to function properly. 

For most of us, the greatest danger to our health in the winter isn't the headline-grabbing blizzards, snow storms, and floods. And it's not the cold. Not directly, anyway. It's the heat. In wintertime, we all crave our warm, cozy caves. But the problem with coming inside to escape the cold is that breathing heat-dried air is just not healthy. It lacks the moisture level our body needs to stay healthy. And our bodies practically shriek their need for moist air during the cold months by cursing us with dry skin, loud snoring, coughs, and colds.  

The solution is easy and relatively inexpensive. The most convenient way to put water back into the air is with a humidifier.

  • Humidifiers help provide relief from coughing and congestion, whether from a cold, sore throat, or flu.
  • Breathing humidifier-moistened air often alleviates many of the symptoms of asthma, sinusitis, and allergies by promoting good sinus, airway, and lung health.
  • Humidifiers help to lubricate and moisten nasal passages allowing the sinuses to drain more efficiently, which reduces congestion and helps prevent or heal sinus infections.
  • Humidifiers counter the worst of winter's dry-air effect which leads to nosebleeds, chapped lips, and parched skin that can crack, itch, or flake.

As an extra-special bonus for those with spouses who sound like they are sawing wood when they are sleeping, a humidifier helps reduce snoring in some individuals by keeping the throat from drying out.

There are three types of humidifiers: warm mist, cool mist evaporative, and cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers. These days it seems that the latter type has become more popular.

The reasons many choose to use a Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier are:

1) They are safer than hot-steam producing units, such as Warm Mist Humidifiers, which can be a burn hazard for children and pets;

2) They cost less by requiring less electricity to operate with no need for a heating element to heat up water for evaporation;

3) They are far less noisy than either Cool Mist Evaporative Humidifiers or Warm Mist Humidifiers;

4) They operate without requiring any replaceable filters, saving you the hassle of repeatedly spending more money each time they need to be replaced; and

5) Ultrasonic vibration technology quietly evaporates the liquid water, transforming it into an effective, air-moisturizing, micro-fine mist.

One of the best name brands in humidifiers is HealthSmart. Here's a selection of their most popular Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifiers, categorized by room size. 


Large Room Humidifier

Large Room Humidifier








Medium to Large Room Humidifier

Medium to Large Room Humidifier

Medium Room Humidifier

​Medium Room Humidifier

Small Room Humidifier

Small Room Humidifier


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21 July, 2015

Popular Products for Back To School!

Maxi-Aids prides itself on delivering the latest back-to-school essentials for those with low visibility or hearing issues. Browse our selection of products today, as well as take a look at a few of our most popular ones below!

Oval Talking Keychain
The Oval Talking Keychain is perfect for anyone with low-vision issues. Large LCD screen, time announcement and alarm, all in one small package. Perfect for the dorms and beyond!

Bold Line Paper
What student doesn't need bold-line paper? When shopping for school supplies, a pack of five pads for the semester should be right at the top. Another great low-vision product!

Heavy Duty Bed Vibrator
For those with hearing issues, this heavy dutybed vibrator might be the best dorm room essential we offer. Getting up early for that calculus class just got so much easier thanks to this bed and pillow vibrator. Place under your pillow and connect to your alarm clock for easy use.

E-Wheels Mobility Scooter
Getting around your school or college campus can be a pain in the butt, especially if you've got mobility issues. Thankfully, Maxi-Aids has got you covered with the E-Wheels jellybean collection of scooters. Available in a bunch of different colors, you'll look fresh as you zip around campus, class to class.

14 April, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Spring and Summer More Accessible

Spring is finally here and with that comes sunshine, clear skies and beautiful weather that should inspire all of us to get active and enjoy the outdoors. The best part about this time of year is that we have several months of spring and summer ahead of us, making this the perfect opportunity to set goals, gear up and plan to get outside as much as possible. Whether you are looking to protect your eyes, see things clearer, increase your mobility or just make life a little easier, here are 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Spring and Summer More Accessible:

5 Easy Ways To Make Spring and Summer More Accessible -

1. The sun is so bright, you gotta wear shades: No warm weather season is complete without sunglasses. As fun as it is to bask in the sunlight, it's equally as important to protect your eyes. Sunglasses are vital to protecting your vision and helping you alleviate painful exposure to light and harmful UV rays.

Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses -

MaxiAids offers a wide selection of protective sunglasses eyewear and UV protective sunglasses to help maintain your eye health and minimize light sensitivity. Sunglasses options from MaxiAids include Cocoons Low Vision Sunglasses available in four specific tints to help increase visual acuity, Cocoons and NoIR fitovers that are designed to be worn over prescription glasses, flip up sunglasses that you can attach to existing eyewear, and stylish all-purpose protective sunglasses suitable for everyone.

2. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ... so let's get moving: When the sun comes up on a picture-perfect spring or summer morning, you might find it hard to look on the bright side if you don't move as well as you used to. The good news is you don't have to let decreased or limited mobility put a damper on your outlook because MaxiAids has mobility solutions to meet all of your special needs and get you moving, including these brand new electric scooters from eWheels that are the perfect combination of speed, safety, performance and personality!

These colorful, stylish scooters even come shipped fully assembled and ride ready so you can get rev up that engine and revel in the outdoors as soon as possible.

3. I can see clearly now the strain is gone: Are you tired of squinting and straining your eyes whenever you are at a concert or a ball game, on vacation or outside trying to enjoy nature? Whether you have low vision and are seeking a way to magnify your view or simply want the clearest focus you can possibly get from a distance, these innovative and lightweight head worn binoculars from Beecher Optical Products can help.

Beecher Mirage Binoculars for Distance Viewing - MaxiAids Binoculars Store

Beecher Mirage Binoculars are one of many binoculars and monoculars available at MaxiAids. They are designed for distance viewing and perfect for bird watching, viewing special events, church services, vacation activities, sporting events, museums, theater performances, concerts, hobbies/crafts, computers/TVs, and much more.

4. Put Me Into The Ball Game, Take Me Out of the Crowd: Just because a child or adult is visually impaired, it does not mean he or she has to sit on the sidelines when it comes to playing sports or remaining active. Audible and beeping balls make it possible for sporting activities and competitions to be more inclusive, and MaxiAids is proud to offer a wide selection of accessible balls to help anyone with low vision enjoy the upcoming spring and summer months on the field with their friends and teammates.

Audible and Beeping Balls - MaxiAids

5. I would walk 500 miles, without even realizing it: While we all make an effort to exercise year-round and even set goals at different points of the calendar year, it is no secret that the spring and summer give us extra motivation to ramp up our fitness routines. With that said, a little positive reinforcement goes a long way and by tracing your everyday steps and seeing how many calories you've burned along the way, that just might be the key to gaining some confidence to help boost your desire to stay active. 

Talking WalkFit Pedometer - MaxiAids Exercise Store

If this interests you, MaxiAids has Talking Pedometers to get you moving in the right direction, both physically and mentally. Simply clip to your clothes or even place in your purse or backpack, and the Talking WalkFit Pedometer will count your steps and announce the amount back to you. It also tells you the time, exercise time, distance walked and calories burned in a clear female voice, making it a valuable exercise tool for anyone including those with low vision.

Well, there you have it, our list of 5 easy ways to make your spring and summer more accessible.

We hope you found this post to be a helpful resource in adding accessibility to these upcoming warm weather months, and from all of us at MaxiAids Products for Independent Living, we wish you a happy, healthy and accessible outdoors season!

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24 February, 2015

MaxiAids Unveils 2015 Coupon Book Featuring Over $1,500 in Savings with Coupons on Magnifiers, Watches, Low Vision Products, Mobility Solutions, New Assistive Technology Innovations, Medication Management Systems, Accessible Cell Phones and More!

Unlock over $1,500 in Savings with MaxiAids 2015 Coupon Book! Great deals on accessible, affordable products for those with special needs!

MaxiAids Products for Independent Living is proud to give back to its amazing customers with the 2015 Coupon Book featuring over $1,500 in savings with coupons that can be redeemed at!

MaxiAids 2015 Coupon Book - Over $1,500 in Savings!

Save big on top sellers, new innovations and accessible products that are designed to meet the unique needs of seniors, caregivers, blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, arthritic, diabetic and anyone who just needs a little help in improving their daily lives and maintaining an active, independent lifestyle.

Unlock your savings today and check out our coupon book RIGHT HERE!

15 February, 2015

5 Steps for Planning a Beeping Easter Egg Hunt for the Blind and Visually Impaired

When any holiday approaches and you begin planning your activities, it is important to think about accessibility for both the day itself as well as the special events surrounding it. Whether party planners are trying to be more inclusive with holiday food traditions or attempting to plan an accessible Easter Egg Hunt for blind and visually impaired children, the common goal here is to make it so that everyone can celebrate such occasions and feel like they can join in on the fun.

If you are planning an Easter Egg Hunt in your community or school this your, there are steps you can take to ensure that kids who are blind or visually impaired can be included. The same holds true for seniors in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, hospitals or any other locations where people have special needs such as vision impairment.

Here are 5 steps for planning a Beeping Easter Egg Hunt for Those Who Are Blind and Visually Impaired:

1. Stock up on Beeping Easter Eggs. These specially designed Beeping Easter Eggs give blind and visually impaired kids accessibility to Easter Egg Hunts that are going on around them. Instead of going by visual cues, kids can locate these eggs by following the loud, clear beep they emit. Beeping Easter Eggs can also be used on Easter morning to provide an audible alert as kids with low vision experience the excitement of locating their Easter baskets. In addition, they're great for use at disability awareness functions as well as senior homes and assisted living facilities to bring the joy of Easter to all ages.

Beeping Easter Eggs available at

To use, just place an egg around the area of the hunt and flip the ON/OFF slide switch to turn on the beeper. The beeper assembly and batteries are housed in the bottom half of each egg, leaving the top half hollow. 

2. Pick and time and date that works best for your event. When planning any event, you want to check your calendar and make sure the time and date make sense. If you are a teacher planning an Easter Egg Hunt for special needs students, chances are you will be doing this as a special activity during school hours the week before Easter Sunday. If you are planning a community event, then you are looking at Easter Weekend and you want to make sure the time and location you pick do not conflict with other events surrounding Easter Sunday.

3. Plan your Beeping Easter Egg Hunt keeping age groups in mind. It is important to plan an age-appropriate Beeping Easter Egg Hunt to make sure everyone can have the best time. For example, when planning for younger children, make sure hiding spots are not out of their reach. When planning for seniors, you can award them special prizes that aren't chocolate or candy especially if they are on a diet due to certain medical conditions.Use the resources around you and when in doubt, consult with colleagues and family members when planning.

4. Map out your location, list hiding places and set clear boundaries. Once you have the Beeping Easter Eggs, time and date and a game plan for the big event, you want to scout your chosen location to map things out. When hiding Beeping Easter Eggs, make sure to list the hiding places so that you can make sure all of them are retrieved at the end of the event. Also, it is important to let everyone involved know what the boundaries are for the Easter Egg hunt to ensure safety.

5. Make sure there is proper supervision at all times. This is a vital piece to all Easter Egg Hunts, especially where special needs groups are concerned. Having proper supervision measures in place before, during, and after the Beeping Easter Egg Hunt will only add to the overall enjoyment of the day because the planners, participants, and spectators will know ahead of time that instead of being a free for all event, it is a FUN for all event... and that's the way it should be!

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28 January, 2015

10 Totally Awesome and Accessible Valentine's Day 2015 Gifts for Him and Her

Valentine's Day 2015 is fast approaching and whether you have been with your loved one for 5 months, 15 years or 50 years, it's always a good idea to think outside the box when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. At MaxiAids, we pride ourselves on providing solutions on a daily basis that add accessibility and enhance the lives of everyone we serve, and Valentine's Day is no different. From cozy shawls to keep her warm to magnifiers that help him or her see, MaxiAids presents 10 Totally Awesome and Accessible Valentine's Day 2015 Gifts for Him and Her.

5 Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Ideas For Her

1. Shoulder Cozy Polar Fleece Shawl with Pockets - Black. Also available in Light Blue, and Navy Blue

Purpose: To keep her warm and comfortable in the winter months.

2. Natural 5x-1x Lighted Makeup Mirror - Black

Purpose: Helps her see more clearly and easily when applying makeup, color-matching or putting in contact lenses.

3. Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock

Purpose: Extra-loud vibrating alarm clock with stylish hot pink, heart-shaped design.

4. Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer for Hands-Free Drying

Purpose: Enables her to dry her hair without having to grasp and hold a handheld blow dryer.

5. Mystique ILY Bracelet with 0.5-in Gold Plated Charm and Purple Beads.

Purpose: Show your love for her and let her show her love for sign language and deaf culture.

5 Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Ideas For Him

1. Reizen Talking Atomic Watch- White Face-Chips-Leather Band.

Purpose: Announces the time and even sets itself. Perfect for low vision or visually impaired.

2. LEVO G2 Hands Free Bookholder - Reading Book Stand.

Purpose: Takes the fatigue and stress out of reading, so he can read his favorite books without any straining.

3. The Larry 8 LED Pocket Work Light - Red. Also available in Yellow, Blue and Gray.

Purpose: Provides powerful and portable light with 8 LEDs and an ergonomic grip he'll be sure to love.

4. Reizen Flip-N-Clip Binocular Lens - 2.7x Hands Free Magnifier

Purpose: Binocular Magnifier with 2.7x lens. Fits over most eyeglasses or may be worn without glasses. Lens flips up for when magnification is not needed, making this a perfect low vision magnifier for him that keeps his hands free so he can focus on the tasks at hand. Flip-up feature provides added convenience.

5. I Love You Dad Keychain - Silver. Also available in Gold.

Purpose: A fun way to show dad he is loved, that he can take with him wherever he goes.

5 Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Ideas For Him or Her

1. Talking Photo Album with Personalized Voice Recorded Messages

Purpose: Fill 20 pages with pictures and audible captions. A romantic Valentine's Day gift idea for any loved one in your life when you want to add your own personal touch to your pictures and memories.

2. Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock with Personalized Voice Reminders

Purpose: Exceptionally easy to use talking alarm clock with personalized voice reminders for seniors and caregivers. This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for mom, dad or the caregiver in your life.

 3. Aukey Special Edition Video Magnifier - 1.9x and 13.6x

Purpose: Read more easily at home or on the go and toggle between 1.9x and 13.6x magnification. This is a reading support tool designed for both children and adults with low vision and can be given as a Valentine's Day gift to virtually anyone of any age.

4. Apple Shaped Talking Alarm Clock with Temperature and Calendar - White. Also available in Black.

Purpose: Sleek, attractive digital Apple Shaped Talking Alarm Clock that is packed with features everyone can enjoy and access. Makes a great Valentine's Day gift for teachers as well as anyone who just likes a fun, functional digital talking clock that can be placed anywhere.

5. Clarity Amplified Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

Purpose: Enjoy amplified calls without a landline and hear cell phone calls loud and clear while at home.



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18 January, 2015

4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Super Bowl Viewing Experience

It is no secret that the Super Bowl is the biggest TV event of the year. Whether you are tuning in with a vested interest, watching for the commercials, checking out the Halftime show or all of the above, there is no question that the Super Bowl attracts interest in many ways. You don't have to be a sports fan to enjoy the Super Bowl experience, and no matter why you are watching or where you will be for the big game on Sunday, February 1st when the New England Patriots battle the defending champion Seattle Seahawks, there are ways you can improve your Super Bowl viewing experience and add accessibility to the party.

4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Super Bowl Viewing Experience

1. Make Sure You Have a Clear View of the Action

If you have low vision or just want to see the Super Bowl more clearly, there are easy, affordable ways to magnify your view. First things first, you want to make sure you are in your most comfortable chair by game time so you can have the best seat in the house, especially if you are hosting this year's Super Bowl party. However, if you are visually impaired, this does not mean you need to sit directly in front of the TV. 

Instead, you can use these affordable and reliable MaxiSee TV Glasses by Reizen to bring the view closer to you. Designed to maximize the TV viewing experience, these hands-free glasses help you view the screen from more easily from at least 10 feet away. In addition, these eyeglass style binoculars provide 2.1x magnification for distance and feature a wide 20-degree field of vision. MaxiSee TV Glasses give the user the ability to focus each eye separately, allowing compensation for difference in vision between the eyes, as well as for any changes in the future. Lightweight, durable frames with molded bridge are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. You also get scratch-resistant lenses perfect for keeping your field of view clear as possible.

2. Give Your Ears a Chance to Hear All of the Action Loud and Clear

Can't listen to the big game or the halftime festivities because everyone is talking? Do you have some hearing loss and multiple conversations along with the game are bothersome to your ears? There are innovative solutions to help you hear your TV clearly so that you don't have to struggle to get through Super Bowl Sunday. Wireless TV listening devices such as the ClearSounds Wireless Infrared Home Audio Headset System and the Serene Innovations TVDirect system for private listening can help you hear better all game long. Both systems offer superior sound quality while safely allowing you to amplify your Super Bowl experience with lightweight systems that you can wear comfortably for hours at a time.

3. Hosting the Super Bowl Party this Year? Cook Easier and Enjoy the Game

If you are having friends over for the Super Bowl, chances are you will be doing the bulk of the food prep and cooking so that you can allow your guests to relax and enjoy the game. However, that doesn't mean you can't get everything ready faster and easier with a little help from these convenient and handy cooking tools. Whether you need to cook burgers and other game day foods quicker with the George Foreman Champ Grill or are hosting a party and need to boost your cooking production with the Proctor-Silex Fifth Burner Hot Plate, both of these kitchen saviors are ideal for saving you time so that you can have a fun time even while playing the role of gracious host.

4. Take Back Control of Your TV Remote

Rather than having to worry about which remote you need for whichever function you are trying to access on your TV, wouldn't it be nice if you could just have one easy to see remote that helps you put the control back in remote control? This Oversized Universal Remote Control is just the thing to help you make sure your brain doesn't become scrambled when you are scrambling to turn on the TV, find the right channel or turn up the volume on Super Bowl Sunday, or any other TV night for that matter.

No matter where you go, what you are doing or who you are with on Super Bowl Sunday, we hope you will find the above tips to be helpful in improving your Super Bowl experience.

Enjoy the game!

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22 December, 2014

4 New Years Resolutions in Just 8 Words ... and How to Keep Them in 2015

All of us at would like to wish you a healthy and Happy New Year. To make sure we kick off 2016 just right, here are 4 New Years Resolutions in Just 8 Words, as printed on our easy to see Neon Green Bold Lined Paper.

In 2016, we at MaxiAids Products for Independent Living will continue to strive to help our amazing and loyal customers. We are here to serve all of your needs, and we truly appreciate your continued support. 

Below are ways we can help you stick to the New Years Resolutions listed above, and we hope that these tips make a positive difference both this year and beyond.

New Years Resolution: THINK POSITIVE 

Resolution Solution: Light Therapy.

It's no secret that the winter months can lead to bouts of depression. One way to alleviate this is to make sure you surround yourself with plenty of light to combat the shorter days and longer nights. There are specialty lamps available that provide much-needed light therapy this time of year, and these lighting solutions can truly help improve your mood and keep you thinking positive in January 2015 and beyond.

New Years Resolution: BE ACTIVE

Resolution Solution: Add a little more walking and exercise to your daily living routine.

Adding a little more exercise to your daily routine may seem like a tough challenge, but there are ways you can keep track of your health and fitness throughout your day without having to really do anything different. This convenient talking pedometer can be thrown in your purse or bag and it will keep tabs on the amount of walking you do and the amount of Calories you burn. Getting positive reinforcement from this handy device can help spur on more desire for you to become more active.

When that happens, you can then pick up one of these extremely portable and affordable exercise peddlers that you can use whenever you have a few extra minutes to spare at home, on vacation or even at the office. You can also exercise more simply by grabbing one of these easy to use hand exercisers that can be used during lunch breaks, while watching TV or commuting to and from the office.

New Years Resolution: GET ORGANIZED

Resolution Solution: Use Calendars, Clocks and Medication Management Systems for Written and Audiovisual Daily Reminders

With the calendar flipping over to start a new year, now is the perfect time to get rid of the clutter on your desk and in your mind and give yourself a clean slate for 2015. Getting organized may seem like a daunting task, but once you take a few steps in the right direction you'll start to feel a whole lot better about managing important items in your daily life. 

MaxiAids offers amazing organization tools to really keep your household in order. Large print calendars like the 2016 Giant Appointment Calendar can really help you write down and remember important dates for events, meetings and doctor visits, while the Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock with Personalized Voice Reminders enables you, your spouse or your caregiver to set up daily living reminders to help you manage your regular routine and take your medications at the right time. 

Speaking of medication management, this is one area that every person should strive to stay organized with heading into the new year. It is extremely important to make sure you take all of your medications at the right time, and this Automatic Pill Dispenser does everything you need to ensure that your medicine is properly and securely delivered to you on time.

New Years Resolution: SHOW LOVE

Resolution Solution: Be supportive of others and thank those who help you for their kindness.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on the people who are closest to you, as well as the unsung heroes who have supported you throughout the past year. Keep a piece of paper and pen with you and whenever you think of someone, list their name on the paper. Write down two or three positive things that you would like to tell them, and when you see them again, share your sentiments with them. This is a wonderful way to start off 2016 on the right foot with all of the people in your life who love and care for you, and they will surely cherish your words of gratitude and encouragement.

So there you have it, 4 New Years Resolutions in Just 8 Words ... and a few helpful ways on how to keep them.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year, and we are proud to serve you and be there for you in 2016, whenever you need a little bit of help.

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