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12 April, 2022

The Revolutionary WeWALK Smart Cane!

WeWALK has leveraged cutting edge technology and AI to create a revolutionary assistive tool designed to improve the independent lifestyles of those who are visually impaired.

The cane pairs with the WeWALK app to provide guided navigation, an exploration feature to locate points of interests around you, and a public transit feature to monitor arrival times and when you need to get off your stop.

WeWALK was featured on more than 200 news sources including CNN, Bloomberg, and World Economic Forum, and has won a number of noteworthy awards including:

- Time’s Best Invention 2019

- Edison Awards Gold Winner

- Fast Company – World Changing Ideas

- Amazon’s Startup of the Year 2021

Amazing Features Galore!

The WeWALK smart cane contains a built-in ultrasonic sensor which allows it to detect obstacles above chest level such as low hanging tree branches, street signs, and lamp posts. WeWALK also has a built-in compass which allows the user to get accurate guided navigation when the user pairs their cane with the WeWALK app

The WeWALK smart cane comes supplied with a foldable, Ambutech graphite cane which attaches to the smart handle. Assembling the cane is easy! Simply attach the Ambutech cane right into the smart handle

An Alternative, Affordable Solution for Visually Impaired Folks Who Are Ready to Enjoy a New Evolution of the Standard White Cane

The WeWALK smart cane includes so many valuable, life-enhancing features when connected to the WeWalk app!

  • The ability to detect obstacles above chest level
  • The ability to navigate anywhere with accessible turn-by-turn directions, public transit schedule monitoring with stop tracking, and “explore mode” features to discover popular places around you
  • Designed for both blind and low vision users! Low vision users can adjust the settings in the app’s preferences menu to change color scheme, font sizes, and more. WeWALK also has a low vision optimized map within the app’s navigation menu
  • Use all the navigation features without having your phone out through the WeWALK smart cane’s touchpad. Simply use the cane’s voice menu and put your phone away!
  • WeWALK can be used for social distancing, as well as detecting elevators and revolving doors
  • Uber integration! You have the option to walk or take an Uber to your destination
  • Explore and discover new things! The cane’s app includes an Exploration feature. If you engage the WeWALK’s “Exploration” switch, the app will scan the area you are in and notify you about any popular points of interests such as cafes, restaurants, museums, and much more
  • The cane’s “Public Transportation” app feature lets you easily check arrival times for bus or metro lines in your area. This app feature works in many thousands of cities across the world where public transit is available

Go Ahead and Give WeWALK a Try Today!

The WeWALK app is available for both Android and iOS phones and can be downloaded from your phone’s app store. The app is currently available in 10 languages and works in thousands of cities worldwide. The app uses multiple data providers to create an exceptional navigation and exploration experience for visually impaired users.

The WeWALK app and community continues to grow day by day and software improvements are released on a frequent basis, so there’s always something for you to get excited about.

Here’s to a new-found (and safe!) independence!


23 March, 2022

Sports Balls for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Sports balls for the blind and visually impaired? YES!!!

From children to adults, specially made sports balls with sound devices within them help those who are blind or who suffer from low vision locate the flight and direction of the ball – and have fun while successfully playing a variety of outdoor sports.

This Spring and Summer, Get Out There and Play Ball!

Balls for sport and play for the blind and visually impaired have bells, directional bells, rattles or beeping sounds so the player can locate the moving (or non-moving) ball during play.

Some adaptive sports balls are of regulation size and material while other sports balls may be either larger or smaller than regulation size, and other types of balls may be made with foam rubber or soft, fuzzy materials.

Beeping Foam Football


The array of balls that incorporate an auditory cue during use include balls for soccer, basketball, football, rugby, cricket, softball and more!

Just like everyone, visually impaired folks also enjoy the thrill of victory while also enjoying exercise, activity, independence – and playing on a beautiful spring or summer day.

What’s more, by providing blind or visually impaired individuals with athletic opportunities, ball games also help to change the way society may think about the athletic abilities of vision impaired people, as well as other people with disabilities.

Reizen RockStar Rugby Ball with Bells

The Importance of Physical Education At a Young Age

Physical education is important for all children. Yet, quite often, children who are visually impaired do not experience the same chances or opportunities for physical education or recreational activity as sighted children in their early years.

Well - not anymore!

Today more than ever we are able to expose our young ones to as many recreational activities as soon as possible. This better prepares them for future inclusion and independence through enhanced development of social skills, motor skills, language skills, and physical fitness.

The inclusion of both sighted and visually impaired players, especially during the early years of childhood, in group activities will help assure that children will learn to interact with each other and value tolerance and acceptance. Blind or visually impaired children should be able to participate in most physical or recreational activities to help build their self-confidence by letting them try – and succeed!


08 February, 2022

February is Low Vision Awareness Month

Each Day Brings New Hope, As Well As New Top-Quality Vision Aids
Designed to Help Folks with Low Vision Lead More Independent Lives

Low vision impacts approximately 11 million Americans – and it doesn’t discriminate based on age or gender. It is estimated that 1 in 12 people over the age of 40 will experience low vision, making it the leading cause of vision loss in adults over 40.

If you have low vision, there is help and there is hope. What’s more, there are solutions available to help you see better and live more independently, including specialized glasses, medications (if applicable to you), and superb low vision aids designed to improve and elevate your everyday life.

Assess Your Needs to Bring the Most Helpful Vision Aids into Your Life

  Orcam MyEye Smart
Before you buy any type of visual aid assess what your day-to-day needs are. This process is as simple as asking yourself things such as, “What am I trying to accomplish?”, “Do my eyes trouble me enough that it interferes with my everyday living?”, “Am I missing details while reading or watching TV?”, “ Do I have difficulty driving at night?”, “Are there any visual activities in which I participate in that can be improved by better eyesight?”   


Adapt Your Surroundings

A lot of simple changes and visual impairment aids, such as a Talking Watch,
can be brought into your life relatively quickly when you are open-minded about how things in your home should look and operate, as well as your welcoming of new and helpful products. 

For example, make sure that all of your kitchen appliances are labeled so they can be accessed and used easily. Don’t hesitate to ask others for help when trying to improve things at home; after all, one person alone cannot do everything themselves! And turn to visually impaired products such as Low Vision Magnifiers, a Call Button Kit, and so very much more.


Visually Impaired Products / Vision Aids You’ll Simply Love!

There are tons of great products that are designed specifically to help make life so much easier for those with low vision.

Try a Giant Calendar. With a Large Print Calendar, there'll be no more squinting and struggling to see the calendar or write notes for any particular day!

A Talking Color Detector offers you a wide range of useful applications - from checking the color of clothing to the ripeness of fruit.


Need a Walking Stick or Cane to help get around? No problem! Get one that is comfortable and portable and easy to use.

This Low Vision Month, go for it – make some simple changes you need for a more independent life. And always feel great about yourself and your capabilities!

23 September, 2020

Exercise in the Safety of Your Own Home with MaxiAids’ Home Exercise Products

Many states are loosening their lockdown orders surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, however, most of us are still not comfortable returning to high traffic public environments where germs can easily spread, such as the local gym.

MaxiAids is the leading supplier of products for seniors, the blind, deaf and those with special needs, and we offer our customers products that enhance their daily lives. Keeping with that commitment, we offer Home Exercise Equipment so that you can exercise in the safety of your own home!

It might feel like you’re in a lose-lose situation when it comes to keeping active and staying healthy as the impact of the Coronavirus still lingers. If you go to the gym, you take the risk of getting sick. If you stop working out, you miss out on the health benefits associated with it. With MaxiAids’ help, you can continue to exercise in the comfort of your own home with no risk at all.

Below are some examples of Home Exercise products, in stock and available at low prices. Some are visually impaired products, such as Talking Products, that can conveniently announce information.

CanDo Exercise Resistance Tubing with Handles - Blue - Heavy Intensity

CanDo Exercise Resistance Tubing with Handles - Blue - Heavy Intensity
CanDo Roll Up Exercise Mat - Eco-Friendly PER Yoga Mat - Blue

CanDo Roll Up Exercise Mat - Eco-Friendly PER Yoga Mat - Blue

Digital Bath Scale with Large LCD for Low Vision

 Digital Bath Scale with Large LCD for Low Vision

Drive Exercise Peddler with Digital Calorie Counter

Drive Exercise Peddler with Digital Calorie Counter

Hand Exerciser

Hand Exerciser


Overdoor Exercise Pulley

Overdoor Exercise Pulley


Talking Digital Hand Exerciser

Talking Digital Hand Exerciser

Talking Pedometer with Alarm Clock

Talking Pedometer with Alarm Clock
Talking Pedometer with Panic Alarm

Talking Pedometer with Panic Alarm 

Tel-Time Talking Calorie Counter

Tel-Time Talking Calorie Counter

Keep up with your fitness goals at home with MaxiAids’ selection of Home Exercise Equipment. Exercise at home with pedometers, peddlers, hand exercisers & more!