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19 November, 2019

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Seniors

MaxiAids for the physically challenged has an extensive range of items designed to improve the lives of seniors.  Make this holiday season gift-giving a thoughtful and helpful one with products to help ease challenges for your favorite seniors...

Reizen Automatic Pill Dispenser

Reizen Automatic Pill Dispenser (159032) Dispense the right dosage of the right pills at the right time and schedule up to 6 daily doses with the built-in programmable timer. Auto pill dispenser is designed for the elderly, Alzheimer's patients, those with low vision, and patients with complicated daily medical regimes. Tamper-proof locking key system helps prevent over-medicating, which is a common problem in the senior population when they fail to remember if they took their pills or not.

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch (704013) Imagine never having to set a watch!  Ideal for seniors who have trouble seeing the numbers or who struggle with dexterity issues.  This watch will set the time without having to make any physical adjustments.  With its large face, bold black numbers and hands for easy viewing, they will also enjoy the convenience of hearing the time announced at the press of a button.


Reizen 3.5x Sports Glasses (R3158) Seniors will love seeing all the details and action they've been missing out on when eyesight begins to decline due to aging or other deteriorating eye conditions.  These ideal spectacle/binoculars are for distance viewing. Use them at home to see the TV more clearly and easily. Take them to the movies, the ballet, plays, sporting events, anywhere!


Tel-Time Talking clock (99*U6695) No more struggling to see the time with this Curve talking low vision clock. Half inch black numbers on an easy to read LCD display, this clock will also give an audio time report, hourly time announcement, adjustable volume,  and easy to set alarm. Helps seniors stay on top of their appointments, meetings and reservations with friendly talking announcements.


Reizen Led Lighted Oval Dome Magnifier (R6920) Magnification and light plus lifetime-use batteries, this dome magnifier is great for dimly lit rooms, restaurants, waiting areas, or wherever eyes struggle to see when reading. Portable magnifier is convenient to take anywhere. Powerful 6x magnification!


Reizen Talking Scale (1502671) Hear weight in English, Spanish, lbs. or kgs. Quality constructed bathroom scale with a friendly female voice announces "Hello, I'm Ready". Scales can be hard to read from a standing distance, especially for those with failing eye sight or neck pain.  Let this talking scale speak the weight and make it easier to keep track of weight gain and loss.


Reizen Loud Ear Personal Amplifier (907654) As we age and hearing loss begins to be an issue, this powerful personal amplifier will help clarify the frustrations and struggles of not hearing conversations clearly. With 110dB gain, this amplifier has a built-in microphone for clear and loud hearing.


Reizen Big Button Phones (9254552, 305506) A phone for seniors that makes dialing easier!  With speakerphone and volume/receiver control, 10 number memory storage, and LED light that flashes incoming calls, when hearing and sight becomes more difficult, this is the perfect phone that's so easy to see and use!


Reizen Talking Jumbo Calculator (752975) Hear keys pressed and calculation results spoken. Easy-to-see big keys and 7/8” digits on LCD is the perfect oversized calculator (8.25” x 11.50”) for those who struggle seeing the number results on a regular calculator.


Reizen Talking Atomic Alarm Clock (706884) Never have the wrong time or date! This clock automatically changes for daylight saving time with optional hourly time announcement from 8am to 10pm. Confusion and not knowing the actual date is a common issue for seniors and those with the beginning stages of dementia or Alzheimer's. This atomic clock shows month, date and day of week so seniors always know what day it is. It receives a split-second accurate time from the US Atomic Clock. 8 Time Zones: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Alaska, Hawaii, Atlantic and Universal Coordinated time.

MaxiAids takes pride in offering products to help aid in the struggles of everyday living. With thousands of items to choose from, there is sure to be the right gift for your favorite seniors this holiday season!