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27 August, 2019

MaxiAids’ Interactive Talking Map is the Perfect Educational Toy for Young Kids

talking usa map

Whether you’re in need of a back to school gift, birthday gift or a new educational toy for your child, MaxiAids’ Interactive Talking Map of the United States is ideal for any young girl or boy who’s eager to learn.

This Family Choice, Mom's Choice Gold Metal and Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2018 is a touch-activated talking i-Poster that provides 500 amazing facts about all the states of the USA. Your child will love the friendly voices, music and flashing lights that guide them through this playful learning experience. The map includes a parents’ manual so you can help get your child set up to learn all about our great country in a few easy steps!

talking usa map

The Talking USA Map makes learning easy and fun. Its engaging interactive feature teaches basic information, climate and general knowledge, all with the touch of your finger. Your child will gain learning skills like logical thinking, music, concentration, earth science, memory, problem-solving, geography and environment. It includes a quality speaker, on/off power with unique light, interactive buttons, basic and advanced quiz mode, volume control, repeat, National Anthem song and more.

MaxiAids’ Interactive Talking Map is the perfect addition to your little one’s bedroom or playroom area at 30 1/2 X 21 inches. It’s intended for preschool age kids, ages 5 and up. The map is a versatile addition to your home in that it can be hung up, used as a playmat or played with on the floor.

With so many toys on the market to choose from, why not choose something that’s both fun and educational? Kids love the interactive features of this map, and our guess is the adults might have some fun with it too.

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