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20 June, 2019

Cooking with Dexterity Complications: MaxiAids Makes Cooking Easy Again!

Living with dexterity complications can be difficult, but MaxiAids has all the products you need to make your everyday life easier. If cooking has lost its appeal because of the obstacles associated with it, take a look at our diverse assortment of kitchen aids that will make you fall in love with cooking all over again. From cooking utensils with wide grips that allow for easy handling, to pot stabilizers that keep your pots in place as you stir, and grippers that allow for gripping hot pots without any safety concerns, MaxiAids’ Cooking section will make even the most mundane kitchen tasks easy again.

6-Piece Kitchen Essentials Set

Non-slip handles make this kitchen essentials set ideal for those living with dexterity complications, Arthritis or Parkinson’s. (Item 550200)

Plastic Colander

The handles on this colander are soft and non-slip for a comfortable grip. Get your firm grip back with the help of this dexterity aid. (Item 551992)

Folding Pot Stabilizer

Stir your mashed potatoes or cake mix for your Sunday family dinner with ease with MaxiAids’ Folding Pot Stabilizer. This device holds onto the pot or bowl to keep it in place as you stir the contents of whatever it is you’re cooking. (Item 16K021)

Hot Hand

Use the hot hand gripper for a firm and safe grasp on your hot pots and pans. The Hot Hand puts safety first with its uniquely designed rubber-molded silicone grip. (Item 20245)

Push and Pull Stick

For those with limited range of motion in the kitchen, use the Push and Pull Stick to adjust the oven rack or to use as a reacher. (Item 16K042)

Stove Knob Turner

The Stove Knob Turner has a large comfort grip for those who need to reach over hot pots on the stove to turn the knobs for adjusting heat. (Item 16K023)

3 Set Jar Openers

Use these easy grip jar openers to gain a firm handle on those hard to open jars and bottles. Set comes with two flat grips. (Item 5532190)

2-in-1 Knife and Cutting Board

This safety cutter is the revolutionary 2-in-1 knife and cutting board that chops and slices your favorite foods in seconds! Ideal for the blind and visually impaired. (Item 550194)

TwistEase 4 in 1 Opener

4 tools with one opener - twist open jars, pop open bottles, pull open cans, and unscrew plastic bottles. Recommended for individuals with limited hand mobility. (Item 197427)

Tovolo Soak N Strain Drain for Easier Living

Simply fill bowl with water, soak, and with a tip of the bowl, water is drained away. The colander and mixing bowl can be used separately. (Item 8110833)

Tovolo Silicone Splatter Screen for Easy Living

Keeps grease and oil from splattering as you cook! Protect counters, stoves and hands from splattering grease or oil. (Item 8110093)

Tovolo Scoop Mess Free One Touch for Living Easier

The easiest and most mess-free way to fill cupcake pans and liners! This is a one-touch, mess-free way of measuring the same amount so your food bakes evenly. (Item 814344)

2 Tier Pure Steam

Cook foods from the bottom up. Steaming your food is made easy. (Item 198203)

We hope these cooking aids have inspired you to get back in the kitchen and cook with confidence again! We can appreciate how challenging living with dexterity complications can be; this is why MaxiAids carries dexterity aids  that will make cooking easier. See our other cooking products and talking cooking aids on our website.

11 March, 2019

St. Patrick's Day - Products for those with physical disabilities

Speaks Volumz 3 Cup Measuring Cup Talking Microwave Oven

Go GREEN on St. Patrick's Day and Look to MaxiAids for low vision aids, blind accessories, products for the blind and visually impaired, and those with mobility challenges.

Reizen 4 Section Aluminum Folding Green Cane Ambutech Hi Lites Green Cane Apple Shaped Talking Alarm Clock w Temperature and Calendar - Green Reizen 65mm Dome Magnifier w green Ring
Measuring Spoons w Large Print Set 6 Black-Green MaxiTouch dots lime green package of 64 Braille Slate and Stylus Kit 9 Lines x 30 Cells Green Plastic Speaks Volumz Talking 3 Cup Measuring Cup
Cando Exercise Resistance Tubing w Handles Green Med Intensity EZ Salad Slicer Bowl The Prep Machine Five Cooking Tools in One Reizen Super Loud Clock w 18 inch Green LED
Onion Chopper Noir Non Fitover w UV and Infrared 14 percent medium green Tower Fruit and Vegetable Dicer StarFrit 5 Quart Salad Spinner green white
Flame Retardant Oven Mitt CanDo Digi Flex Hand and Finger Exerciser Green Medium Intensity EWheels Jellybean Collection Electric Mobility Scooter Neon Green EWheels ew 54-4 Wheel Buggie Electric Mobility Scooter Sour Apple

MaxiAids cares about the safety and independence of our customers who are faced with challenges of vision loss and mobility issues.  Look to MaxiAids for products for the blind and visually impaired, low vision aids, blind accessories, and vision products to help ease everyday tasks and to live life to the fullest.

28 January, 2019

20 Gift Ideas to show your love this Valentine's Day

Speaks Volumz 3 Cup Measuring Cup

At MaxiAids, we pride ourselves on offering solutions all year 'round that add accessibility and enhance the lives of everyone we serve.  Show your love with some of these thoughtful gifts that help those with low vision, blindness, low hearing, mobility issues and other physical disabilities.  We offer many helpful, useful and fun gift ideas for the loved ones in your life that will put a smile on their face this Valentine's Day, and every day!

Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock Black

Give your sweetheart a little wake up jolt with an extra-loud vibrating alarm clock that will wake them and shake them!  This stylish hot pink or black heart-shaped design is perfect for your Valentine, and they will never miss an appointment or a special date! 

Tic Tac Toe Tactile Wooden Game

Give some hugs and kisses-- and XOXOs to someone you love.  This is a tactile wooden board game ideal for blind or low vision players.  Spend special moments together this Valentine's Day and all year long with board games that are fun to play. See our other games for the blind and low vision for 2 or more players.

4 Piece Pasta Pot Set 6 Quart and 2 Quart

How about a set of red hot colored cooking pots for the special chefs in your life?  This set includes two pots with lids that work as strainers and are very functional to do the job right.  Add some pasta, olive oil and beverage of choice to create a fun themed gift for a delicious Valentine's Day meal

Lil Lucy Power Pocket Light The Larry 8 LED Pocket Work Light Red

The Lil Lucy is a power pocket light to carry whenever and wherever she needs a bit of extra light--a compact little light that will brighten her day. The Larry C - LED Pocket Work Light with a rotating magnetic clip gives him convenient hands-free lighting by attaching to virtually anything.

Natural 5x-1x Lighted Makeup Mirror Black

With natural lighting and dual-sided  5x/1x magnification, this makeup mirror will sure to be a hit with her all year long. It's helpful for putting in contacts, applying makeup, and for accurate color-matching. Pair up with some red hot lipstick for Valentine's Day (sold separately elsewhere).  

Talking Photo Album Personalized Voice Recorded Messages Talking Photo Album Personalized Voice Recorded Messages

Fill this 20 page album with pictures of family members and loved ones with audible captions for a memorable Valentine's Day gift.  An album that he or she will treasure for years to come! 

Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock with Personalized Voice Reminders

With Reminder Rosie, you can record and set up to 25 personalized living reminders by day, week, date or annually.  Personalized reminders are always nice when they're recorded for someone you love by someone they love!  

Jewelry Jewelry

Say "I Love You" Hand-Shaped Medallion with Heart and Chain or heart charm bangle. See our other ASL jewelry to choose from for that special someone in your life.   

Wheelchair Blanket with Pockets Non Slippery Burgundy

Give the luxury of a cuddly blanket for those in wheelchairs.  Cover them in a warm and cozy burgundy colored blanket that tapers at the bottom to avoid wheels, and has hand warmers for extra warmth and comfort.

4 LED Camping Lamp

Light up their lives with a battery lantern that's ideal for power outages, camping trips, and around the home inside and out.  A bright red Valentine colored lantern that you just can't miss!  

Sleep Sound Therapy System with 24 Sounds Sleep Sound

How about the gift of relaxation and a good night's sleep?  The Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System features 24 clinically proven sounds from world renowned doctors and the world's finest authentic nature sounds-- ideal for improving sleep, blocking noise, and managing tinnitus.  See our other sleep sound machines with choices of nature sounds to enhance a calming, meditative mood that will lull your loved ones into a deep sleep or to help them relax and unwind. 

LED Lighted Wallet Magnifier 2s-6x bifocal

Handy, compact, lighted magnifiers for a pocket or purse.  Get a clearer view of fine print, store price tags, product labels, and menus in dimly lit restaurants (ideal for a Valentine's dinner out).  This is a useful gift that will be appreciated by all that suffer from low vision. See our other compact handheld or hands free magnifiers.   

Ladies Talking Watch with Rhinestone Bezel and Expansion Band English Ladies Touch Talking Watch

Give the gift of "time" to your Valentine!  This beautifully designed Ladies Tel-Time Talking Analog Watch with rhinestone bezel offers time and alarm announcement in a clear male voice. Ladies' touch talking watch announces time with just a touch of the watch face. Choose from many different styles and colors. 

Reizen Big Face Talking Atomic Watch with Silver Expansion Band Watches

Good looking watches for the handsome men in your life!  Big Face Talking Atomic Watches with leather or silver expansion band announces time, day and date and even sets itself!   Time is announced in a clear male voice at the simple touch of a button. We provide many other watches for the blind, low vision, and hearing impaired. 

HappyLight Liberty 10k Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp HappyLight Liberty 10k Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp

Energy lamps help to improve mood, increase happiness, energy level and concentration.  A great light therapy gift for those you love who need an extra boost of light, energy and a happy feeling.  This mood lamp is ideal for wintertime use or for those who spend a lot of their time indoors. A perfect gift for someone you love.  

Aurora Midnight Oil Fitover Sunglasses Polarvue Gray Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses are impact-resistant and styled to hide your eyeglasses so that it appears you are only wearing sunglasses; gives 100-percent protection from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB light rays.  Choose from many different sunglasses for a perfect gift this Valentine's day.

Panasonic Ladies Wet Dry Electric Shaver with Bikini Attachment Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Razor

Panasonic Ladies Wet-Dry Electric Shaver with Bikini Attachment can be used in shower or bath with lather - use dry anytime, anywhere. Have the men in your life enjoy a close, comfortable wet or dry shave for that smooooooooth, freshly shaved feeling! 

Ottlite Glow LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Base Black Ottlite Glow LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Base White Ottlite Glow LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Base White

The ultimate mood lighting! Base glows in the choice of color, allowing your mood to choose the lighting or let it cycle continuously through the entire 256-color spectrum.  Helps see details clearly and reduce glare and eyestrain with its natural daylight LED illumination-- a unique gift to set the mood just right. An ideal charging station as well! 

Salton 1 Cup Coffee Brewer White Salton 1 Cup Coffee Brewer Black

Brew up some lovin' with a single cup coffee maker with included mug.  Compact one cup coffee brewer is perfect for small spaces.  Add a favorite brand of coffee (and some Valentine cookies) along with this coffee brewer and put a smile on your Valentine's face!  

Picture Care Phone 40dB Amplification with Parallel Dialing

This is a thoughtful gift for aging parents, grandparents, or those who have difficulty making calls. Put a photo of the 10 most frequently called people on the phone, program their numbers in, and just push the photocall button and the picture. It's that easy to have them connect to those they love. At the flip of a switch you may also choose to have 10 one-touch keys for picture dialing ONLY. (This feature is great for those who aren't able to dial out telephone numbers.)  

Hearts Card Game Neighborhood Helpers Flash Cards

Use these cards to play the classic Hearts card game, or you can use them as educational flash cards for children. The jumbo size of the Hearts card game means that the whole family can enjoy playing, from children to parents and grandparents who have low vision but want to play with their kids and grandchildren.  This is a fun gift for all your little Valentines.  (Braille version available as well.)

On this Valentine's Day and every day of the year, show your love with products that help enhance the lives of those you love who suffer from blindness, low vision, hearing impairment, and mobility issues.  Search our many items for low vision aids, blind accessories, low vision products, products for the blind and visually impaired, mobility products and more   

27 December, 2018

New Year's Resolutions for 2019 from MaxiAids


All of us at MaxiAids would like to wish you a healthy and happy New Year. To make sure we start off 2019 just right, here are a few New Year's Resolutions to try to live by.... Below are ways we can help you stick to your New Year's Resolutions and healthy habits, and we hope that these suggested tips make a positive difference both this year and beyond.

New Year's Resolution: STAY ACTIVE

Resolution Solution: Portable exercise equipment to keep you moving all year 'round 

Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise

Add a little more exercise to your daily living routine.  This may seem like a tough challenge during these long winter months when we're feeling lazy, but spending more time indoors doesn't mean we have to be inactive.  When this happens, you can pick up one of these portable and affordable exercise peddlers or stretch exercise bands that you can use whenever you have a few extra minutes to spare at home, on vacation or even at the office.

New Year's Resolution: THINK POSITIVE

Resolution Solution: Light Therapy

Day Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Happy Light Liberty 10k Natural Spectrum Energy Light

Some people experience bouts of depression during the wintertime, but you can help ease seasonal mood swings and push those winter blues away.  One way to alleviate this is to make sure you surround yourself with plenty of light to combat the shorter days and longer nights. Beat the effects of seasonal changes, jetlag and working odd shifts on the job. Improve your mood, energy level, focus and productivity. There are specialty lamps available that provide much-needed light therapy this time of year, and these lighting solutions can truly help improve your mood and keep you thinking positive in January 2019 and beyond. 

New Year's Resolution: GET ORGANIZED

Resolution Solution: Use Calendars, Clocks and Medication Management Systems for Written and Audiovisual Daily Reminders. With the calendar flipping over to start a new year, now is the perfect time to get rid of the clutter on your desk and give yourself a clean start for 2019. Getting organized may seem like an overwhelming task, but once you take a few steps in the right direction, you'll start to feel a whole lot better about managing important items in your daily life.

Calendars Reminder Rosie Automatic Pill Dispenser

MaxiAids offers amazing organization tools to really keep your life in order. Large print calendars like the 2019 Giant Appointment Calendar can really help you write down and remember important dates for events, meetings and doctor visits, while the Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock with Personalized Voice Reminders enables you, your spouse or your caregiver to set up daily living reminders to help you manage your regular routine and take your medications at the right time.

Speaking of medication management, this is one area that every person should strive to stay organized while heading into a new year. It is extremely important to make sure you take all of your medications at the right time, and this Automatic Pill Dispenser does everything you need to ensure that your medicine is properly and securely delivered to you on time.

New Year's Resolution: GET REST

Resolution Solution: Get a good night's sleep to feel your best. 

Sleep Machines Tinnitus Sleep Therapy Pillows

Getting a good night's sleep is so important to feeling healthy, energetic and happy.  If sleep has become difficult or challenging, look to sleep sound machines and comfort pillows to help you get your Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.  Finding the right support and comfort at night will help you get the rest you need.  

New Year's Resolution: EAT HEALTHY

Resolution Solution: Prepare healthy meals with fresh ingredients

Eating right keeps your immune system up and keeps you energized.  It's so habit forming in the winter to be drawn to those high carb "comfort" foods which can easily put on the pounds!  Look to a healthier meal plan and spend those extra indoor hours experimenting with new recipes.  With just the right cooking tools, you will succeed in the kitchen and have fun preparing healthy meals.

Cooking Food Preparation Food Preparation

New Year's Resolution: SHOW GRATITUDE

Resolution Solution: Be supportive of others and thank those who help you for their kindness.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on the people who are closest to you, as well as family, friends, caretakers, aids, teachers, coworkers and others who have supported you throughout the past year. Keep a piece of paper and pen with you and whenever you think of someone, list their name on the paper. Write down two or three positive things that you would like to tell them, and when you see them again, share your sentiments with them. This is a wonderful way to start off 2019 on the right foot with all of the people in your life who love and care for you, and they will surely cherish your words of gratitude and encouragement.

We at MaxiAids will continue to strive to help our amazing and loyal customers. We are here to help with all of your needs, and we truly appreciate your continued support.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year, and we are proud to serve you and be there for you in 2019!

Visit to shop the largest selection of low vision products, low vision aids, products for the blind and visually impaired, hearing impaired, and products for independent living at the lowest prices.

29 November, 2018

Beat the stress this season with tips for a calm and happy holiday

December is here and that means the holiday craze is just beginning.  During this busy month of the year, it's important to take time for yourself and get plenty of rest and relaxation. Especially for people faced with special needs and are physically challenged, rest and relaxation is an essential part of emotional and physical well-being. 

With so many helpful products that enhance relaxation, comfort and a restful night's sleep, MaxiAids has you covered!  You can choose from a large assortment of meaningful items for yourself, or as gifts for those on your holiday list.

Enjoy the holidays and melt stress away with some of these tips from MaxiAids...

  • Try to get your 8 hours of ZZZZZZZZZZs
  • Take a nap when the opportunity presents itself
  • Stretch, exercise, meditate and deep breathe
  • Make time for what you love to do/hobbies, entertainment, etc.
  • Listen to music, read a good book, watch a movie
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated

Getting enough sleep is ultra important to keep your immune system at top notch,   particularly during the holiday season when life just seems to get busier.  With crowded stores and more social gatherings, people are more at risk for getting sick.  Make sure a restful night's sleep is in your nightly plan so you can feel your best each and every day.    

MaxiAids offers sleep enhancing products that help lull you into a deep night's sleep. Our sleep sound therapy machines help clear the mind and calm you with different choices of sounds.  Perhaps listening to a babbling brook or ocean surf to lead you into a restful dream... 

Sleep Sound Therapy Sleep Sound Therapy

The best way to relax is to support those parts of the body that hurt.  With moldable cushions, and contoured, support and massage pillows, search through our many soft, comfort-promoting products to give you or your loved ones relief from those aches and pains.

Pillow Massage

Exercise and stretching will also calm you and keep you from getting stressed during the holidays.  Look to portable exercise equipment and exercise DVDs to keep you or someone on your gift list on a healthy wellness path.  Give a boost of energy with exercises that get blood flow pumping!  Relax, energize and stay healthy with products to stay strong, fit and limber.  

Yoga Exercise DVD Exercise

If reading, watching television, and listening to music are your escapes from the holiday craze, MaxiAids has products that enhance hearing and helps with low vision so you can enjoy your books, movies and music.  Products such as text to speech readers, listening amplifiers, and magnifying eyeglasses will enhance your entertainment experience. 

TV Listening Amplified Devices
Book Readers Book Readers Book Readers Book Readers

Stay hydrated and energized!  Drinking lots of water is essential to help combat fatigue and achy joints, and will help boost exercise performance. Water delivers oxygen and transports nutrients throughout the body, lubricating the joints, and alleviating aches and muscle cramps from dehydration.  

Drinking Drinking Drinking

Keep up with your hobbies and activities that make you feel good emotionally as well as physically.  Staying fulfilled promotes happiness and well-being, enriches our lives, and takes our mind off of stress when we are involved in something we love to do. With lighted magnifying glass, page magnifiers, video magnifiers, tactile, talking and assistive cooking products and other gifts for visually impaired users, these helpful products allow those to continue their hobbies for reading, crafting, cooking and more.  

Hobby Light Cooking

Making time for yourself will keep you more relaxed and joyful, so that you can give your best self to others!   Stay healthy and well rested, have fun, and experience this holiday season with relaxation and comfort products, sleep aids, visual aids, and gifts for the blind and visually impaired.  MaxiAids is here to help those with low vision, blindness, hearing impairment, and physical challenges live a more rewarding and productive life. --Audrey Leonard

20 August, 2018

Legally blind Christine Ha found her true passion in college out of the necessity to cook...

The legally blind Master Chef Winner of 2012 proves she's unstoppable!  Chef, writer, TV host, world traveler-- and now opening her first restaurant in 2018!

Christine Ha began to gradually lose her vision at the age of twenty from an autoimmune disease called Neuromyelitis Optica. She describes her sight as seeing vague shapes and shadows.

Out of necessity while attending college in her sophomore year, Christine decided to teach herself how to cook, burning food and making a mess all over the floor.  Eventually she began to enjoy the process, comparing cooking to science and art.  It also made her feel good to bring joy to others with her cooking.
She began experimenting by relying on her memories of taste and smell of her mother's cooking.  She cooked for her roommate in her first few attempts, and then began to cook for others, bringing a feeling of satisfaction and realizing her passion for it.

When the producers of Master Chef were auditioning in different cities, Christine was encouraged to try out.  Her story was an interesting one, and she felt maybe she would get through the first round.  People were interested to see how a blind person can cook.

Christine was the first blind contestant in its third season and winner in 2012.  She has since written a recipe book called "Recipes from my Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food" which is a big seller on Amazon.

Christine goes by seven good lessons in her life journey:
1.  Utilize mental energy wisely
2.  Reframe negative thinking
3.  Work to achieve and set up goals
4.  Monitor progress carefully
5.  Accept discomfort for a more significant purpose
6.  Always be grateful
7.  Live in line with your values

Recently Christine announced earlier this year in 2018 she will open her first restaurant in the swanky downtown Bravery Chef Hall in Houston, Texas, calling it the Blind Goat.

It will include a menu based on Nhau cuisine-- Vietnamese drinking food.  It's her first food concept since her Master Chef win.  After traveling the world doing pop-ups, TV show appearances and interviews, Christine's dream is finally becoming a reality!

In 2014, Christine Ha received the Helen Keller Personal Achievement Award from the American Foundation for the Blind, a recognition formerly awarded to Ray Charles, Patty Duke and Stevie Wonder among others.

Christine believes in not allowing her physical challenges in life hold her back.  Instead they have taught her to pursue her passions rather than fear failure.  "Live a full life-- tend to your mental and emotional needs as well as your professional goals."

When asked how Christine cooks in her kitchen, she replied that some of the items she uses are talking thermometers and talking scales when measuring out food. 

Shop all timer and thermometer   

Shop all measuring spoons & cups

Check out our products and cooking tools for food preparation to assist in the kitchen and other areas around the home or in school to improve the lives of those who are blind and vision impaired. --Audrey Leonard

14 December, 2014

4 Helpful Tips to Make Holiday Food Traditions More Accessible

With the holiday season in full swing and just 10 days until Christmas, it's time to think about not just what holiday gifts will be under your tree but also what you will be putting on your dinner table. Some of the best (and most delicious) holiday traditions involve classic family recipes, from plentiful platters of food to delectable Christmas cookies that make anyone want to take home leftovers.

With that said, one thing that is often overlooked during these festive family gatherings is how to add a little bit more accessibility to the table in order to make sure that those who need some extra help can still enjoy the holiday food traditions they have come to cherish so fondly over the years.
Here are 4 Helpful Tips to Make Holiday Food Traditions More Accessible:
1. For plate settings, keep in mind those loved ones who have hand issues, low dexterity or arthritis. Arthritis of the hands has become a fairly common ailment among older adults, and when someone has trouble grasping or gripping objects with their hands, it can really take the enjoyment out of eating. When setting your dinner table for a holiday gathering, it's a good idea to write out a list of who is attending and see if they need a little extra assistance gripping onto their utensils. One cost-effective solution for dinner guests with hand issues are these soft, easy grip built-up arthritis handles that can be attached to any fork, knife or spoon to increase the gripping surface while adding comfort and stability to the dining experience. Something like this can be a real lifesaver for a parent or grandparent who has chronic hand pain, and it also goes a long way in showing your guest how much you truly care about them and their comfort level when they are eating in your home.
2. Organize your kitchen for food prep with accessibility in mind. It is inevitable that when you are hosting a big family gathering such as Hanukkah or Christmas dinner, you will be tasked with organizing your kitchen to make room for friends and relatives who are also fellow foodies and want to help you prepare the best meal possible. One thing that can happen with too many cooks in the kitchen are spills or slips when someone isn't paying full attention to the task at hand. In these situations, you can cut down on the accidents by sectioning off areas in your kitchen and creating specific food prep stations. When your cooking helpers arrive, kindly direct them to their designated area for that they will be doing, and make sure that anyone who is not helping to prepare the meal is entertained by others away from the kitchen. 
Also, to make sure there are no accidents in the kitchen, just like with the plate settings you should think about who will be helping you prepare the meal and how you can accommodate them. Chances are that grandma and grandpa will want to help keep family food traditions alive in some way, shape or form, and so you want to make sure your designated areas for them have the food preparation cooking helpers they might need to make sure they are safe in the kitchen. One invention that is sure to save a few fingers and avoid a trip to the hospital or urgent care center on Christmas is this EZ grip low vision cutting board, which is specially designed to grip your kitchen counter using four suction cups while the stainless steel corner plate / slicing guide holds the food in place. Solutions like this add accessibility to food prep and are sure to be appreciated by your sous chefs who could use the extra assistance while graciously helping you.
3. Stay cool and don't get burned by your oven. With all of those aforementioned kitchen helpers comes the chaos of recipes being recounted, side conversations overlapping each other, and other distractions. Because of this, it's important to take extra precautions to ensure that everyone stays safe, particularly around the oven. One misplaced hand when distracted can cause serious burns, and that is the last thing anyone should have to worry about when hosting a holiday gathering. That is why it is important to have the proper protections in place, and there are several solutions that can help promote oven safety in your kitchen. First, make sure you keep your oven mitts handy and close to your oven area. You may also find these Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards to be extremely helpful in preventing burns since they are designed to easily attach to most oven racks and snap in place to add another layer of protection when you need it most
4. Make sure everyone can enjoy their coffee, tea or hot chocolate with dessert. After the big holiday dinner is over and everyone has had a chance to catch up and converse, it will then be time for dessert. You've worked so hard all night long, and all that's left is to unveil the cakes, pies and cookies, then serve the coffee, tea or hot chocolate. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that some of your guests might be a little tired and so they may not pay as much attention when gripping and drinking the hot beverage that is in front of them. This is where your last bit of ingenuity comes into play for the night, by doing your best to make sure that your guests don't slip up and spill their drinks. All you have to do is invest in something like this ergonomic clip-on handle that easily attaches to any standard coffee mug and adds a stronger, more comfortable and stable grip that all of your friends and family members will appreciate at the end of the evening.
We hope you enjoyed this 4 Helpful Tips to Make Holiday Food Traditions More Accessible, and all of us here at MaxiAids wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, as well as a Happy New Year!
Visit for the largest selection of products for independent living at the lowest prices. You can also check out our Cooking Store here.