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21 December, 2020

Pass Snow Days Away with Braille Cards, Educational Tactile Puzzles & More from MaxiAids

If you live in an area that was hit with a snowstorm, or your area has been experiencing cold temperatures, you might be looking for wintertime activities to pass the day away while you’re stuck indoors.

As part of our inventory of products to assist the blind and visually impaired, we have the perfect selection of games, puzzles, and cards to keep your mind sharp and have fun while doing so. Plenty of fun can be had when living with visual impairments, with braille and talking products available at your fingertips. MaxiAids strives to give the blind and visually impaired the opportunity to play the same games their loved ones know and love. The whole family can enjoy these games, especially during this time many of us are stuck inside with little to do.

Below are MaxiAids’ round-up braille cards, educational tactile puzzles & more.


Alphabet Bingo Games- Braille


4 in a Row Game- Tactile


Apples to Apples 504 Braille cards Red Box


Bingo Call Number Playing Cards with Braille



Braille Mille Bornes Card Game


Dominoes with Raised Dots -Double Six


Go Fish Flash Cards - Braille


Hi Ho! Cherry-O Counting Game- Braille


Braille and Low Vision Monopoly


Yahtzee Hands Down- Modified Braille Card Game


Hyper Dash Extreme Braille


Connect Four - Tactile for the Blind


Deluxe Scrabble Game - Braille Version


Choose from games everyone knows and loves, including Bingo, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Connect Four, and Scrabble, in braille or tactile versions. Pass the snow days away with family fun everyone can be included in and enjoy!