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07 March, 2022

The Importance of Home Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms tend to be narrower spaces with curved corners, rough edges and lots of moisture and water. That’s why home bathroom safety is very important – especially for senior citizens and those with mobility issues or other special needs.  

The bathroom has the distinction of being one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. The good news is that most accidents that occur in the bathroom can be prevented thanks to the many high quality, easy-to-install bathroom safety equipment products designed to keep you safe in your home bathroom!

Simplicity and Safety During Toileting

For many people, transitioning onto and off of the toilet can be difficult. To make toileting easier, and to provide more independence – and less fear of falling down – there are products specifally designed to improve toileting safety.

A toilet surround assists with the support of people needing to sit down onto, and stand back up, from the toilet - safely.  

HealthCraft P.T. Rail

HealthCraft P.T. Rail

Special raised toilet seats reduce the need to bend or move when relocating to and from the toilet.

Elevated Toilet Seat with Removable Arms

Basic Elevated Toilet Seat (Open Front)

Safety in the bathroom should always be a leading priority, and these toileting aids provide inexpensive temporary or long-term solutions for you and your loved ones!

Improve Safety in the Bathtub and Shower

Grab bars and poles offer much-needed, safe support when getting in and out of the shower or tub, and also give important stability during bathing and showering. Grab bars and poles come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, and can be attached either permanently or semi-permanently. It is possible to put bars anywhere, in any height or position and is ideal in providing safe hand hold.

Grip Alert- Alert System and Suction Assist Bar

18in Knurled Chrome Grab Bar

To further reduce the danger of getting hurt during a shower, shower chairs can be used. Shower chairs - also known as tub chairs, shower seats, shower benches, and shower stools - are water resistant seats that fit inside a shower or tub to provide people who have difficulty standing in the shower a safe, sturdy seat for bathing comfort and confidence.

Bath Bench with Back and Arms

Corner Shower Seat

The use of non-slip mats in baths and showers also greatly helps in enhancing safety. Reduce the risks of slips and falls - and feel comfortable and confident in your own bathroom - with a high-quality non-slip mat outside as well as inside your tub or shower.

Non-Slip Hydro Rug - Shower Stall Bath Mat

Bathroom Products Designed for Your Everyday Comfort

Any bathroom modifications you can make that will keep you and your family safe and healthy and independent at home is important. If low vision is a concern, an item like the Extra Large Display Bath Scale is the perfect bathroom aid. Mobility issues, or pain? The FootMate Complete Foot Care System helps reaching feet so much safer and more comfortable!

Extra Large Display Bath Scale

FootMate Complete Foot Care System

If an issue should happen to occur in the bathroom, or if you or a family member are need of help, the Portable Waterproof Push Alert One-Touch Alert System is a grab bar and alert system all in one. 

Portable Waterproof Push Alert One-Touch Alert System

You CAN make your bathroom safer without completely renovating it! See more about home bathroom safety products and shopping guides, and stay safe and well at home.